Student Film Auditions in Toronto, Ontario Canada

By | February 13, 2018

Make Rosie Proud

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Type: Student Films

Make Rosie Proud, non-union student film project is holding auditions in the Toronto area.

In 1945, the second world war has ended and Mr. Clarkson, the foreman of an engine factory, makes the women of the factory redundant in the anticipation of the returning men with very little of what they were promised in compensation during war times. Mabel and Ethel, who worked at the factory, don’t take this lightly and devise a plan to take back what is rightfully theirs. With the help of another factory worker, Bettie they devise a plan. It is only a matter time until these daring few get caught and they have everything to lose.



A strong caucasian woman (20 – 27) who has worked at an engine factory during most of the 2nd world war. Mabel is the strong-willed, confident and quick thinking leader of the group. However while on the surface Mabel may be a composed, independent women, internally she lives with the constant fear of being reduced to a common housewife.

A clever caucasian woman (20 – 25) that knows her way around any machine she encounters, Ethel has been working at the engine factory for almost two years. She is Mabel’s best friend and right-hand woman to get in and out of tight spaces flawlessly. Ethel’s main fault is that she rarely cares enough to discuss what she’s ashamed of.

Mr. Clarkson
As the sly boss of the engine factory. Mr. Clarkson (35 – 40+), cares only for the women that go home with him and the money he makes in his line of work. Clarkson shows little to no care to those who are not a threat to him, but when he is double-crossed, his anger is swift and happens without hesitation.

Imagine a kind, quiet, innocent, knitting enthusiast grandmother… Now imagine her in a welding mask, carrying an acetylene torch. This is Bettie (18 – 24), she is quiet as a mouse with the knowledge and skill to best any machinist.

Security guard
A man with very little respect towards the women at the factory, this security guard (25 – 35) is a stout caucasian man with a short temper, short patience, and a short tolerance to alcohol. The only woman he doesn’t mess with is Mabel since most of the factory workers will stand by her.

Contact Information:

Casting Director: Anjelica French

Payment: Non Paid
Reel, credits, travel expenses

City or Location of call: Toronto, Ontario
Please submit to: by 2018-02-15

This casting notice was posted by: Humber College

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