Try Out for “Project Runway” 2018 / 2019


Project runway is coming back for the 2018 / 2019 season.

The show is now casting talented designers from around the nation to compete on season 17 the the reality design competition.

The casting call is out for the hottest design competition on TV, “Project Runway“.  Aspiring designers now have until the 2nd of April to get their online video auditions in for a possible spot on the show’s cast and a chance at the grand prize in “Project Runway” season 17. The show has set up an online audition form.

Do you want to join Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn and the rest? Your shot at the TV spotlight is coming up. Heidi Klum is back to host the show and give 12 aspiring designers a chance to show their skills not only to the judges, but the rest of America as well. Each week a new episode brings new design challenges to the competitors and each episode finds one designer cut from the pack. The final few designers get to create a collection to be shown at New York fashion week where one of those designers will be chosen the “Project Runway” winner.

For the Project Runway winners there are some cool prizes. A winner is selected by the judges, and receives $100,000 to start his or her own design line. Along with that previous seasons have given away magazine spreads, a car, mentor-ship in design houses and even a chance to get your fashions on the store selves.

The show is not only a competition for designers, Female fashion models, who work with the designers throughout the season, are also in the competition. The models are also competing and the winning designers model gets to remain on the show. They do throw some curves into the model competition and have allowed designers to switch models.

The show also brings celebrities and fashion icons in as judges. Previous episodes of the show featured such huge names in the industry as Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Diane von Fürstenberg, Vera Wang, and Zac Posen.

So…. can your designs make it to New York fashion week? This is your chance to find out by applying for “Project Runway.”

Tryout for Season 18 of Project Runway

The deadline to apply for the show is April 2, 2018 and casting directors are looking at applications now. The show wants all applicants to get their submissions in as soon as possible to give them the most time possible to check out your application. Those selected from initial submissions will move on in the casting process and called in to do an in person audition for “Project Runway.

There are some eligibility requirements. Those applying  must be at least 21 years of age by May 1st, 2016 as well as a legal resident of the U.S. Want to tryout for “Project Runway?” The shows casting directors have setup an online audition form that you can check out here.

That said, our invite only casting calls begin very soon after the deadline. Getting your submission in as soon as possible guarantees that you can be invited to the call that is geographically closest to you. Please don’t wait until the last minute – fill out the application and get us all of your info immediately!

30 thoughts on “Try Out for “Project Runway” 2018 / 2019

  1. Julia Johnson

    I live in Atlanta GA and would like to try out for “Project Runway”

    1. Julia Baptiste Johnson

      Do I have to travel to NYC to try out or can I do it in ATL?

  2. Cherrie Etchison

    I would like to know when will fashion week come to the Tennessee area.

  3. Marilyn Rowe

    I Iive in Gadsden Alabama and Would love to try out for project runway 2015

    1. Marilyn Rowe

      Self taught , very skilled and detailed. love challenges and a very positive attitude.

  4. Vania Nova

    I missed the dead line for application for Project Runway again…. Please can you help me, how I can be notified for the next casting?
    I live in Orange County, California.

    1. erica Post author

      There is an email list on this site you can sign up for. It sends the latest castings to you. see the sidebar for the form. When project runway comes around again, it will be emailed to those on the list.

  5. Adrienne Blanton

    How soon can we audition for Season 15? 2016/2017 I absolutely love this show. It would be an honor to be on it (smiles big smiles)

  6. Christina

    I would love to be on project runway. I love to show. Never have used a pattern when making dresses for my kids. Friends and husband thinks I should be on project runway as well. Give me a a challenge.

  7. Christina

    I would love to be on project runway. I love to sew. Never have used a pattern when making dresses for my kid’s. Friends and husband thinks I should be on project runway as well. Give me a challenge stress and speed does not scare me.
    Sorry for the last one. Gotta love typing on a phone with what they call error correct spelling or what they feel should be there.

  8. junior mathieu

    My dream is to be on project runway someday, and I really love the show.

  9. Nancy Butterick

    I would like to know if and when the producers choose everyday women for models on episodes. If they would consider teachers and special educators from a rural area to be their models?

  10. Amunique Tonyce Nunley

    I live in Indiana, so if I do win the 2016 project runway where would it be and if it’s not in Indiana can you give me 10 tickets for a plane.
    I’m only 10 YEARS OLD.

    1. erica Post author

      Project Runway is only for adults, however, last year they did do a Project Runway Jr. Not sure if they will do it again.

  11. Tristen Blake

    I live in Maryland. I design my own outfits. I love to sew and be creative with varies colors. I think of myself as different because I like to think outside the box. I want to start my own clothes collection would love the opportunity to show my creative abilities.

  12. lizney

    Hola, soy una diseñadora venezolana tengo 28 años mi gran pasión es la moda y me encantaría formar parte de la próxima temporada ,solo con ser parte de ello ya para mi seria un gran logro…

  13. janquenis

    Hi, my name is janquenis and I would like to try out for project runway.

  14. Lashonda Williams

    Please pick me as this has always been my dream. I’m ready!

  15. Tinna Oliver

    Would my submissions of my work need to include the original drawing? If I am not chosen next to participate in the parent Project Runway show would I be considered on one of their other shows. I make adult costumes as well as clothing and jewelry.

  16. tracie swinsinski

    I have a 15 year old daughter that is interested in being a model on Project Runway. What is the process for auditioning?

  17. Aizat

    I am interested in this project.. and is it possible to me to apply for Project Runway.. I am from Central Asia.

  18. Anna Coates

    Hello I am interested in being a model for Project Runway . I currently live in Baltimore , Md. and I do have experience in the field . How can I sign up and audition? Thank you for your time in advance…

  19. Ivanete

    Hi my name is Ivanete Makkas, I live in Marshfield MA and I would like to try out for project Runway. I absolutely love this show. Thank you!

  20. Jasmine S. Standberry

    I would like to be a project runway model and I have some modeling training.

  21. Mart lewis

    No duck tape should be aloud on the show.
    Or if so the women cannot use it for clothing purposes.


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