UK Actors for Indie Film



Location: London

Type: Student Films

CASTING CALL – London, UK – UNPAID – for a student short film mid-November:

– Looking for two male actors (we are open for women to apply too!) between the ages 20-35!
– Unpaid as we are a bunch of students trying to make something cool happen. However, we will cover your travel costs and provide you with food.

Character Descriptions:

J – Jeorge – Protagonist & Narrator
Age: 20-35
J in his mind is the big man, ‘the godfather’, the king of the criminal world he lives in and loves. He actively attempts to live up to the image he has imagined, and does so to a varying success. The “evil mastermind” demeanour is his attempt to be the controller of an underground crime syndicate, and his biggest desire is to be recognised as such He struggles in his attempts to be the persona he’s not naturally fit for.

Connor – Antagonist
Connor is the antagonist to J, at least in – the latter’s head. His milky eye, vague dialogue and suspicious behavior plunges J and the audience into believing that Connor is up to something bad. Connor is an old friend and companion to J, caring but uneasy. Where one would see a friendly smile, J would recognise the devil flame. He knows J from a remote criminal past that they shared. What he also knows, is J’s guts – his lowdown and weaknesses. Connor likes to tease J with it, coming across as unpredictable and a potential threat. A hotspur and desperado in the past, he is long over the criminal world, but his reputation works against him, and he is not someone to be trusted.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: London
Please submit to: by 2018-11-03

This casting notice was posted by: Lukas

UK acting auditions

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