Actor Auditions in Grand Rapids, Michigan for Short Movie Project



Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Type: Film

Southampton is a film about holding on to those we love after their death and how pop culture can help provide ways to communicate grief. Aarons father is diagnosed with a terminal illness and he uses his love for the Titanic Soundtrack to process his own feelings while the adults in his life attempt to comfort him in their own tragically comic ways.


AARON [GENDER: MALE AGE: 8-12] Quietly curious, perceptive beyond his years. He’s thrown headfirst in to trying to decipher life and how to find meaning in hardship.

CODY [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 8-12] – a boisterous, courageous extrovert who Aaron latches onto and lives through his enthusiasm for everything.

AARON’S DAD [GENDER: MALE AGE: 42-47] Trying to be a good father and husband while he feels at fault for his own diagnosis and what it’s done to his family.

AARON’S MOM [GENDER: FEMALE AGE 35-45]- A loving mother who’s coping mechanisms have inadvertently created distance between her and her family.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Grand Rapids, Michigan
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This casting notice was posted by: Matt Everitt Productions

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