Actors for Student Film “Back Cloud” in Atlanta


Back Cloud

Location: Atlanta

Type: Student Films

Casting/Audition Details: This is a low-budget student film produced by Filmmakers @ GT (non-paid). It is a drama short film with an approximate duration of 20 minutes that will be premiered on campus with the intention to submit to local and national film festivals.

Synopsis: A former medical resident who screwed up during an emergency surgery, resulting in the death of the patient, is now working at a 24 hour convenience store. They are living in self-imposed destitution and punishment, and have to learn how to make peace with their past mistakes. It’s intended to be centered around guilt, inadequacy, isolation, and absolution.

Character Descriptions:
Main character struggling with guilt and self-punishment
Early 20’s
Slightly athletic, skinny frame
Ability to grow scruff, or show progression of a distressed look post surgery
Obsessed over his failure

Young looking, to the extent that it looks as if she should be shopping with adult
Look approximately 13 or under
Young voice
Frequent customer at convenience store

About the same age range as Grayson, early to mid 20’s
Worked with Grayson prior to him quitting
Professional looking
Mature voice/speech

20’s – 30’s
Able to look not put together
In an abusive relationship with man

20’s – 30’s
Able to look scruffy/not put together
In an abusive relationship with woman

Young looking teen, age 17-19
Lacking a sense of maturity, able to look unstable/suspicious
Skinnier, but fit
Will attempt to rob the convenience store armed

Nurse (in video):
Strong but young voice

Doctor (in video):
Middle aged, professional
Mature voice/speech

Please send headshots and resume with the character of interest in the subject line to:
If you do not have a resume, a headshot is sufficient. We will contact you back, if selected, with more information to set up an audition date with our director and casting director.

*Please consider the following
Principle Photography will take place first two weeks of November, most likely the first two weekends. Exact dates and times TBA.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta
Please submit to: by

This casting notice was posted by: Filmmakers @ GT

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