Actors in Dallas Texas for Student Film


Trevor, the Romanticless

Location: Casting Call location: Dallas,Texas

Type: Student Films

Logline: An awkward highschool boy is deeply in love. He needs to change himself enough to win the love of his life before she falls into someone else’s arms.

Audition Time:
Monday, June 17th

Character Descriptions:

YOUNG TREVOR: [Male][9, or looks 9][any race] An awkward boy who is playing spin-the-bottle with a girl that he has a huge crush on. Must be comfortable with being kissed on the cheek.

YOUNG JESSICA:[female][9,or looks 9][any race] A “girly” girl with medium to long hair who does not have the same feelings for Trevor and is oblivious to how he feels about her.

TEENAGE TREVOR: [Male][15-17][any race] Awkward, not considered the “cool” kid, but will try in order to win over Jessica.

TEENAGE JESSICA:[Female][15-17][any race] A nice girl who isn’t the most popular, but is totally out of Trevor’s league.

DALE:[Male] [15-17] [any race]A heartthrob,AKA, the “cool” kid who attempts to make Trevor just as cool.

MR.HOUSTON:[Male] [30 and up][any race] A sarcastic lovable English teacher.

MS.DEBORA: [Female][23-30][any race] A new, young Science teacher.

MISS WILLIAMS: [Female] [30 and up][any race] The stern School Principal who’s all business.

EXTRAS: 2 extras, ages 8-11 will be needed and we will need a lot of teenage extras as well.

Payment: Non-paid, will be fed

*Use the email provided above to contact me if you would like to audition, be an extra, or just have questions.*

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Casting Call location: Dallas,Texas
Please submit to: [email protected] by

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