Actors in North Carolina for Student Movie Project


Color of Your Eyes

Location: North Carolina

Type: Student Films

STORYLINE: After being ignored and treated harshly by his newly preoccupied, pregnant mother, Martin tries to reclaim his mother’s affection which leads him to find out the truth of his genetic link to his parents. He realizes that his mother has created a bond with her unborn child much stronger than she has ever had with Martin. When his mother loses the unborn child, she and Martin are left at odds on how to move forward.


[Martin] 7-13. Young and curious yet timid. Martin is after the love and attention he once knew from his mother but approaches her with caution because the more he discovers the more his life changes. …LEAD (1)

[Michael] 35-45. Martin’s adoptive father. Calm and assured, Michael is the glue in the family, he is a center that both Martin and Hannah can come to, he tries to mediate while also bringing rationality to the situation. .. SUPPORTING.

Please email your headshot and VIDEO audition to, the monologue to read from is attached to this posting.

ADULT MALE ACTORS: please feel free to choose any dramatic monologue you prefer.
CHILD MALE ACTORS: the monologue you will be reading from is below this statement.

(The production title has recently changed to Color of Your Eyes)

*There is NO PAY


Mom, can I help? Why not? I’m good at baking. I do not make a mess!
I do a good job. Can we make cookies? Chocolate chip? Everybody
likes cookies. I’m done with my homework. So I can help you.
Please? I want to be Rachel Ray when I grow up. Can I use the rolling
pin? I like the rolling pin. You want me to watch TV? I never get to
help. You told me you’d teach me to cook when I’m older, and I’m
older now. I know you told me that last week, so I’m a whole week
older now. I just want to help, Mommy!

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: North Carolina
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Univeristy of North Carolina School of the Arts

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