Actors in Oakland for Student Film Project


A Better Life

Location: Oakland

Type: Student Films

A Better Life
By: Anthony Ellington

LOGLINE: Two teens face life and death situations in East Oakland.

A Better Life is a three-page short drama, that shows the different mindset of two teen best friends growing up in East Oakland. Sharif is into the street life and everything that comes with it. Tommy is determined to make it out of Oakland in hopes of a better life. This film is about choices people make and to show growing up in East Oakland being at the wrong place, at wrong time, could change your life forever.

After hearing an early morning shooting while getting dressed Tommy gets frustrated with his life and environment. Tommy’s best friend Sharif stops by and ask Tommy to walk to the store with him. On the way to the neighborhood store Tommy talks to Sharif about wanting a better life. Tommy tells Sharif, he wonders why he grew up black in Oakland, why not white in Portland. Sharif being heavily involved in the streets does not think there is any other way to live but by the code’s street. Because of the shooting earlier, one of the teens will not make it home.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Oakland
Please submit to: by 2019-02-18

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