Auditions for Teen Actors in Charlotte – Student Film Project

By | June 26, 2019

Live Action Short ‘Madoka Magica’ Fan Film

Location: Charlotte, NC

Type: Student Films

Do you want some acting experience? Do you want to help a teenage up-and-coming director? Do you want a video starring you to potentially screen at a film festival?

We are looking for teenage girls to take part in a fan-made live action video based on the Puella Magi Madoka Magica animated series about five girls who make contracts with a creature named Kyubey and become “Magical Girls”, heroes who fight creatures known as “Witches”. Over the course of the series, though, the girls learn that it isn’t all fighting evil and wearing pretty outfits- and this fan made video is a mock commercial made to persuade girls NOT to make contracts. When completed, it will be submitted to the Charlotte Geek Film Festival and posted on video sharing websites, and you’ll be credited (and get a credit on IMDB, and be able to put it on your resume!)

We are looking for five different girls:

MADOKA (13-15, must reasonably play as 14, preferably 4’11-5’1, light skin, brown eyes): A cheerful and helpful girl who loves her friends. Her wish was to help all the magical girls who were suffering- and it didn’t work out. It doesn’t matter what hair color the actress has, as she’ll be wearing a wig.

HOMURA (13-15, must reasonably play as 14, preferably 5’1-5’3, black hair): A passionate, tired girl who hates being a magical girl with every ounce of her body. Her wish was to save Madoka, and she’s been stuck in a never-ending time loop to save her for twelve whole years.

SAYAKA (13-15, must reasonably play as 14, preferably 5’2-5’4, light skin, blue eyes): A sweet girl who wants to protect her friends. Her wish was to help her crush and childhood friend recover from an injury, but said friend fell in love with another friend. Hair color doesn’t matter because the actress will be wearing a wig anyway.

KYOKO (14-17, preferably 5’1-5’3, red hair or brown eyes): A lazy girl who likes eating and doesn’t really see the point in anything. Her wish was to get people to come to her father’s church, but her family ended up dying.

MAMI (14-16, must reasonably play as 15, preferably 5’1-5’3, blond hair, preferably hazel or green eyes): An experienced, kind and wise girl who has been fighting for a long time. Her wish was to survive after a car accident, but she ended up almost dying after a fight.

We will film the video in Charlotte, NC in the third or fourth week of July. Costumes and wigs if necessary will be provided, but transportation won’t, so make sure you’re local to the area or have transportation to your home.

Send your name, age, height, dress size, resume (if you have one) and a video of you performing a monologue from these links by July 2. Please choose the one that corresponds to the character you’re auditioning for (if you’re auditioning for Madoka, for example, it wouldn’t help to say Homura’s monologue). If you’re picked, you will be contacted around July 5 with further details.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Charlotte, NC
Please submit to: by 2019-07-02

This casting notice was posted by: Sydney Satalino

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