Auditions in San Francisco for Indie Film “Hidden”

By | July 12, 2019

Hidden – Non-Union Feature Film

Location: San Francisco, CA

Type: Film

We are currently accepting submissions for supporting and extra roles for an upcoming feature film by award winning director Hassan Mageye. Mr. Mageye has been awarded for his films in 3 different countries, 5 different film festivals and over 25 awards. He has written and directed over 10 films. This will be Mr. Mageye’s first film shot in America. This film will be submitted to festivals all over the world.

If you would like to be considered for one of the roles listed below, please submit your headshot, resume and a link to any work you have done. Please put the role you are submitting for in the subject line. Once you’ve submitted, we will email you back with a scene to submit a video audition. You must have reliable transportation as filming locations will be all over the bay area. Housing is not provided. You must be available to shoot between August and September 2019.

Final submission deadline: July 24, 2019. Final video submission deadline: July 29th. Casting will be chosen by August 2nd.

Email submissions to:


Tessa (African/Caucasian Mix) Female – 13. Daughter of Tambo and Patricia. Loves photography and learning about her dad’s home Country of Africa. (Films 5-10 days, supporting role. Prefer 18+ to play 13, but will also consider a younger actress).

Father/Boss (Caucasian) Male – Early 60s. The father to Patricia and he is Tambo’s boss. He runs his own company, is tough, responsible, and will go to great lengths to protect his daughter. (Films 1-2 days)

Detective Tom (Caucasian) Male – 50-60s. Detective Tom is a PI hired by Patricia to find their missing daughter. (Films 1-3 days)

Taxi Driver (Indian) Male – 30s. Taxi driver takes Vinca from the airport to her husband’s house and he can’t help but find everything about her attractive. (Films 1 day)

Wilfred (open ethnicity) Male – 15. Tessa’s best friend. He also loves photography and will do anything for Tessa. (Films 1-2 days)

Co-Worker (open ethnicity) Male – 40s. Works with Tambo and Boss. He is focused and cares a lot about the company he works for. (Films 1 day)

Hotel Receptionist (open ethnicity) Female – 20s. Works the front desk of a hotel. She has seen some interesting things in her time as a receptionist. (Films 1 day)

Teacher (open ethnicity) Male or Female – Any Age. One of Tessa’s teachers. Is concerned when Tessa doesn’t show up to school. (Films 1 day)

(2) Police Officer (open ethnicity) Male or Female – 30-50. They are called to Tambo and Patricia’s house when she goes missing and is called when she is found. (Films 1-2 days)

Documentary Crew Member (open ethnicity) Male or Female – 20s-40s. While filming their documentary film, they come across something newsworthy. (Films 1 day)

NON-SPEAKING ROLES (NOT PAID, 1 day of filming):
Neighbor (open ethnicity) Male or Female – 40-70s. Lives next to Tambo and Patricia. Takes their neighborhood watch seriously.

News Anchor (open ethnicity) Female – 30s. Interviews the documentary crew member who has an interesting find.

Mortician (open ethnicity) Male or Female – Any Age. Lets Detective Tom in to look around.

Patient (open ethnicity) Male or Female – 60+. Is being taken care of by Vinca’s cousin Mary.

Bartender (open ethnicity) Male – 30s-50s. Serves Tambo some drinks.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: San Francisco, CA
Please submit to: by 2019-07-24

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