Brooklyn Auditions for Short Film Asylum

Asylum (short film)

Location: New York, NY

Type: Film

ASYLUM is a short film shooting in Brooklyn in September 2019. Auditions will be held in July and August, with rehearsals in August and September. Most roles require fluency in Spanish. Writer/Director is an acclaimed filmmaker, and Producer is the winner of a great number of independent film awards, including the Sundance Grand Jury Prize.


An undocumented mother is separated from her 5 year old son during an U.S. immigration raid, leaving him to build a new relationship with a stranger.

Casting these roles:

DEISI (20 to 35, female, Hispanic): a recent arrival to the US from Mexico/Central America, who has survived a border crossing with her 5-year old son. MUST SPEAK SPANISH FLUENTLY.

ENZO (20 to 30, male, Hispanic): a Central American/Mexican man with an optimistic view of life and a difficult past. Enzo lives in an a basement dwelling with his friend, Omar. MUST SPEAK SPANISH FLUENTLY.

OMAR (20 to 35, male, Hispanic): a Central American/Mexican young man with a reckless demeanor who feels detached from those around him. MUST SPEAK SPANISH FLUENTLY.

KEV (4 to 10, male, Hispanic): A little boy who has been separated from his mother, Deisi. MUST SPEAK SPANISH FLUENTLY.

LINDOLFO (30 to 50, male, Hispanic): A Mexican/Central American immigrant man and nurturing father of 3 who is detained by ICE. MUST SPEAK SPANISH FLUENTLY.

OSCARITO (20 to 35, male, Hispanic): An immigrant man from Mexico/Central America who was formerly involved in gang violence. MUST SPEAK SPANISH FLUENTLY.

HONEY (18 to 30, female, Hispanic): An established Mexican/Central American young immigrant woman and ICE detainee who advocates for her friends. MUST SPEAK SPANISH FLUENTLY AND SOME ENGLISH.

DULCE (40-60, female, Hispanic): A Mexican/Central American/Puerto Rican middle-aged woman with a spiritual leaning.

ICE AGENT (20s to 40s, male, Caucasian): a male with the bearing of someone in law enforcement. Several speaking parts available. MUST SPEAK ENGLISH FLUENTLY.

SUPPORTING PLAYERS (male and female, adults and children, Hispanic): a range of young adults, adults and children to play recent immigrants from Mexico and Central America. Speaking and non-speaking roles. Families and parents with children encouraged to apply.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: New York, NY
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