Auditions in Tucson Arizona for Voice Actors

Change of Plans

Location: Arizona

Type: Other Projects

Could be fun Something to do A few bucks and maybe fame too? Why not . . .

to create website audio/ ebook of full-length script “Change of Plans” and of other conversations and remarks its links lead to. Recording in Tucson near Campbell /Speedway. Several half-days once casting complete, hopefully October 2019. $20 per hour,
Sine – middle aged Chinese male, speaks English (with an accent)
Coronado – middle aged Mexicano male, speaks English (with an accent)
Aura – middle aged Anglo female

Read one of the three long lines of the character you would be to 520 485 9966 the way you might play them. Also recite a call-back number and email address for possible future notification. Before rehearsals commence there will be a live group tryout for the most likely prospects. No memorization required.

If interested in translating the site to Mandarin or Spanish and/or in directing such audio, email about yourself to

The conversation occurs in a chance meeting one evening of three visitors to Phantom Ranch on the floor of Grand Canyon:

Coronado – rafter intent on citing Hispanic role in American history
Sine – Chinese geologist / would-be astronaut
Aura – southern Arizona watercolorist.


It’s about the first pioneers to North America. The black slave they sent ahead as a scout was in the picture at all thanks to the Spanish.

Yeah. I’ll bet he thanked them every day. You could just as well write a play about the Indians. They blazed the trail across the great plains before anybody.

Before buffalo? You said they made living chasing buffalo. The buffalo were first, just like they say Indians followed elephants, no, mammoths, across Bering Strait land bridge from Siberia when sea level fell. Gais de! That means Indians are Chinese, or Russian, or . . .

Sure. Why not a play about the goddamn grass the buffalo went after all the time. I’ll tell you why. Because the grass doesn’t care. Plus it’s mute. It couldn’t make a play if it wanted to. And it won’t pay to see a play, even if it could see a play.


Who would’ve thought I’d get into all this with some broad I wash up to on a sand bar. – Look, when Columbus arrived in the Caribbean, sure, he made the Indians work the sugarcane he brought. But they dropped like flies, mostly from diseases he didn’t even know he’d brought. This really ticked off a Dominican brother in his crew who thought they were to blame, and his writings made it to the Emperor. Same thing happened to Cortes, and Pizarro, and by the time Coronado got his turn the Emperor required the explorers and settlers to treat the Indians nice. That’s why Coronado got the job and Cortes didn’t. And he tried like hell to do what the Emperor said: He traded with the Indians along the way for food; he didn’t just take it. And even though they had horses on this trip, they walked anyway because the Indian allies who volunteered weren’t supposed to carry stuff. That was the horses’ job.


We have a lot of stuff. That’s for sure. Cars and radios . . . We’ve got stuff Roman emperors never had or even imagined. But you know what, Mister Sine Qua Non, ex-Chinese Communist? Everybody wants more. And if you can’t think of it, the advertisers tell you. And some people feel like failures when they hear about ball players and CEOs making more than the populations of whole countries. And you know what? They don’t think they’ve got enough, either. – There you were in China watching “I Dream of Jeannie” or

“Big Bang Theory” is how I learn English


Petrified Forest not stoned because saw man. Happen long before. Foundations Capitol Hill, Beijing, roads to them, all on crust floating on jelly sea molten metal. Two shakes and gone. – Dams in this River just cries in wilderness of tiny creatures wanting drink. River dammed before by rock slides, volcanoes, off-and-on. Why upset when man blocks ? – And before, no river, because here was bottom of sea. Draining away ocean not our idea. River not our idea. Pollution, materialism, recyclable. Whole planet recyclable. Humanity, too. We: star dust. Not lords because stand on dry ground.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Tucson
Please submit to: See above

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