Boston Auditions For Speaking Roles in Indie Film Project


Widow’s Deep

Location: Boston

Type: Film

Casting for a short horror film directed by Rob Himebaugh (“Eaglewalk”) starring Jared Haibon (“The Bachelor”) and being filmed this October in and around Rhode Island.


Liz is tough, strong-willed, and brilliant… but she’s also got a fatal flaw: she’s greedy, and it’s this achilles heel that proves to be her downfall in the end. She dies by being dragged down the beach and into open ocean. Actress must be comfortable performing this stunt, as well as several other simulated stage combat scenarios, and screaming.


Mrs. Coldings is a kindly old woman who turns out to be a centuries-old witch. She’s frighteningly quick and powerful, so the role requires an actress who can appear old and frail but who is also comfortable with limited stage combat and physical performance. There is also a dancing sequence, so we’re looking for someone with experience in ballroom.


This is a purely character-actor role. Cyrus Tate is the film’s villain – an imposing, sinister, ghoulish specter in tattered Revolutionary-era clothes and long hair. Think the Headless Horseman meets Captain Salazar. There are physical requirements – like the ability to drag someone down the beach and a willingness to be completely submerged in ocean water (on a beach), and since there is also a dancing scene, we’re also looking for someone with ballroom experience. We’re looking for tall and imposing – someone who cuts a figure similar to that of Michael Myers.

If submitting for Liz or Mrs. Coldings, please see sides below and include them in your video audition. If submitting for Cyrus Tate, please send a video demonstrating your most sinister “physical” performance, as well as any past roles that show off your strengths as a physical performer.

– – –


You ever heard of the Widow? The pirate ship? “Beware the gold of Cyrus Tate, for those who take it have sealed their fate.” Legend has it she sank in a hurricane in 1772. The survivors were hanged for piracy and buried in the Great Swamp. We’ve been excavating that area for the last six years, and last week, we hit pay dirt. Because of the water’s high pH level, the body was preserved, mummified.

(hands Hutch the coordinates)

The location of the wreck, passed down by a sailor who was actually on it. A pirate ship full of gold. A fortune, Hutch.

Why are you even here?

Because you can help me get it. And whatever we find, we split right down the middle. Fifty-fifty.

Do I look like I need the money?

I guess not. But is this really what you wanted? Running charter dives for drunk tourists with money to burn? There’s more out there, Hutch. It’s there, just beneath the waves. All you have to do is reach out and take it.


Goodness. Nathanial Hutchinson, is that you?

Mrs. Coldings?

Mrs. Coldings’ expression warms with delight.

Dear Nathanial! I don’t believe it. High school english must feel like a thousand years ago.

NATE You’ve retired?

Yes, though it doesn’t seem to have stopped the gray hair like I thought it would.

You look the same to me.

Kind of you to say. May I see the coin?

Nate gapes, caught off-guard.

How did you… ?

Coldings laughs it off with another smile, her eyes sparking.

Must’ve read your mind.

Nate hands her the coin, watches carefully as Coldings brings it to a nearby lamp and examines it.

They’re unstamped. I was wondering what that does to the value.

But Mrs. Coldings’ warmth has disappeared. She rubs her fingers against the rough, unfinished metal.

Where did you get it?

I found it on the beach.

Coldings’ eyes snap, startling him.

Tell the truth now. You took it from the ?Widow?,
didn’t you. Stupid boy.

The room grows dark. It closes in on Nate.

He’s coming for you. In the dark. ?Beware the gold of Cyrus Tate?, my dear?. ?Didn’t I teach you anything?

– – –

Please submit all auditions to All videos may be hosted as unlisted YouTube links.

Thank you!

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Boston
Please submit to: by 2019-09-04

This casting notice was posted by: Rob Himebaugh

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