Caasting BofA Customers Nationwide to Go on a Retreat


BofA and Buzzfeed are looking for BofA customers to go on a trip to sunny Miami this fall.

Bank of America and BuzzFeed are searching for 50 Bank of America customers nationwide to attend the Better Money Habits Retreat in Miami, FL in September 2019!

Ever find yourself struggling to keep up with what matters? We’re looking for 50 individuals to join our Better Money Habits Retreat that will help you determine and focus on reaching your goals, all powered by Bank of America!

Those selected will share their financial know-how with others, while continuing to learn different ways they can better their own money habits.
Please Note: Customers can have any Bank of America product to qualify for this opportunity, such as any Bank of America credit cards, a loan (home/auto), a checking account, savings account and/or a Merrill investment account.

Selected Bank of America customers are individuals who are financially preparing and transitioning through significant life moments, are keeping up with the financial goals that matter most to them, and have experienced the ‘comparison trap.’ Ultimately, selected attendees are able to talk openly about their financial experiences, ambitions, and areas where they want to see their money habits improve.

For more details about the retreat and to express your interest in attending, please complete the following form:
Should our casting team be interested in contacting you with next steps, we will do so by contacting you directly through any one or more of your social media profiles that you include on this form.

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