Casting Foodies To Go On A Trip Of A Lifetime


Calling all foodies.

Do you love fast food?

Would you love to go on a trip of a lifetime where you would be able to try fast food in other countries?

If so, Tastemade’s Digital Network may want to hear all about and possible cast you in their show.

Tastemade’s Digital Network is now casting outgoing, charismatic foodies to go on a trip of a lifetime. They are looking for food lovers across the United States to join them on a trip across the globe to discover fast food items that they are only able to dream about in the United States.

Tastemade offers original programming that centers around food and travel.

Tastemade’s shows include Thirsty For…, Alice in Paris, 8-Bit Cooking School, All the Pizza, One for the Road, Food Court, and Grand Opening—Bondi Harvest.  They also are behind the show called Tiny Kitchen, which has people preparing meals in a mini kitchen.

Those interested are able to submit their stories and information via email in order to be considered for the show.

Please see the below graphic for the details about how to get on the show.


8 thoughts on “Casting Foodies To Go On A Trip Of A Lifetime

  1. chancellor

    My name is chancellor and I was wondering if this project still available.

  2. Bibiano Ruano

    I’m perfect to give reviews, enough said!

  3. Monaisha Thomas


  4. Patrick F. CLutter

    My passion is cooking and serving delicious food. I also love to try new places, I have lived in Pittsburgh, Memphis, Union City, TN. Atlanta, Columbus OH. ,Birmingham AL. in all those places I sought out mom and pop places to eat (my favorite). There was always a story behind the restaurant/food. I was 1 of 9 children in my family #7 (#3 of 4 boys , 5 girls), so the food had to stretch to 11 people. If we said that we were still hungry after dinner Mom would reply “Get a piece of peanut butter bread.” I guess that is why I can’t eat tuna casserole without peanut butter bread. I remember Mom always had a dessert after every dinner, 7 nights a week. We never went out to eat as a family, 11 on a check is expensive, I do remember Mom, for a treat, getting bags of cheese burgers from Winky’s Hamburgers (a McDonald’s clone), they were 15 cents each.
    Some of my fondest memories eating are from the time I spent in the northwest corner of Tennessee (Union City), there were a number of culinary delights awaiting me that I had no idea even really existed. The first one is Pulled Pork, I met Charlie Moore(75+yo) of Moore’s BBQ in UC, he and his wife ran a 30 seat BBQ , that is where I learned the true meaning of BBQ. It’s not the sauce, it’s the meat and the smoke, Charlie had it down to perfection. He slowly cooked the pork over hickory charcoal, 72 hrs hand turning every so many hrs. I want to tell you to this day, still the best pork I have ever eaten. Charlie also got me to put coleslaw on my bbq sandwich. My standard order would include crinkle cut fries and a Coke. 2nd would be the time I tried catfish for the 1st time. I am from the Pittsburgh area and we considered catfish a junk fish. The locals swore by it and said it was delicious. They were right, it was very mild with a great taste. Lightly breaded with cornmeal and fried in oil in large iron skillets to perfection. This is where I also had Country Ham(salt cured), I immediately loved it and on a hot buttermilk biscuit, tough to beat for a breakfast sandwich. There was a bar in Fulton KY. called the Keg, We would go there for a rib sandwich, bowl of white bean soup, washed down with a draft. Yes that is correct a rib sandwich, 3-4 bones between two pieces of wonder bread. A virtual feast for the senses. I am really hungry right now! Little Dixie Diner UC TN- good southern home cooking, this is where I went for B.L.D. , brains and eggs was on the menu for breakfast , never tried it. They had great meatloaf with cooked cabbage, bbw ribs so tender that the bones pulled right out. Every Friday was KN Root Beer – 2 pizza burgers, fried mushrooms, frosted mug of root beer. Greasy and delicious!
    I never steer away from a place because of the exterior condition (except trash and filth), a place in East Rochester OH serves what considered top 3 burgers I have ever eaten and I worked in a Wendy’s for 37 years. The outside is metal siding in disrepair, I have said that if it was a car repair shop, I would not take my car there, but this was food. Entering the view did not get any better, still not deterred I sat at the bar and ordered. The bartender said it would take 20+ minutes I said that was okay since I was determined to taste the burger I had been told about. My dismissal of surroundings and time spent was well rewarded with the 1st bite, remarkable, this burger was 2 1/2 inches high, done to perfection all the way through without overcooking the top or bottom.
    I received a phone call from my brother one morning, he was in Chicago IL. and said he woulf buy me dinner at Harry Caray’s restaurant that evening. I hung up the phone and made an airline reservation, that evening I was dining on the most succulent Lamb Chops Oreganato , not the firsst time I had them. That’s why I didn’t hesitate t meet him there. Side note, I met Bob Carver at the CES, what a humble and gracious man.
    Driving around Salem OH. one day I noticed a sign on a diner that read “POP Jackson’s Greasy Spoon, wow I thought, truth in advertising. I just had to eat there and was not disappointed. Pizza Burger and fresh cut fries, both were on point. Fries hot and crispy and the burger had a wonderful blend of meats and cheese maintaining the burger texture.
    I have often thought of a food show called “Scary Delicious” , the premise is ; outside is drab/scary/iffy but go inside and get a meal you will remember for good reasons. My rule of thumb, the dirtier the windows the better the BBQ. I have so many other stories from my 40+ years of traveling and eating in mom and pop’s.


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