Casting Indie Film in Tempe Arizona


Pardon My Condolences.

Location: Tempe, Arizona

Type: Film

Independent Short Film

Pardon My Condolences is a story about a man in his late 20’s named Benji who hasn’t quite figured out his place in the world. He enjoys entertaining people through the medium of podcasts but has trouble connecting with people inter-personally. Benji’s world is shaken when he is given the news that his ex-girlfriend from college has died in a brutal car wreck. Still torn by how poorly they ended their relationship and disrupted by her sudden death, Benji is at odds with himself as to whether to attend the funeral.

NOTES: There will be no violence/stunts and nudity is NOT required.

SHOOT LOCATION: Specifics have not been decided yet, all shooting will be in Arizona.


Dana McNair Cowdrey: Sister to Benji. Dana is a family member to the rescue. She is always jumping in to help and usually vocal when ever she is need of backup. She’s invested in her budding family consisting of her warm heart-ed husband and their two toddlers. Dana is mindful of Benji’s reservations. Her and Benji have been siblings as well as friends since their childhood. She worries about Benji digging his own grave with how distant he keeps people.

Markus Eggert: Markus is complacent and kind. He finds ease in everything and will always bring up the optimistic side of situations. he met his girlfriend studying radio broadcasting. They went into business together producing radio shows and podcasts. He’s so complacent that his girlfriend’s sister had to mention to him that he better propose before it’s too late. Markus really enjoy Benji’s company and wishes he was better at connecting with people. Having moved far for his job, Markus sees Benji as his closest friend in Phoenix. Benji does not see it that way out of obliviousness.

Millie Kara Bradford: Cousin to Tessa. Millie has lost her best friend. Tessa and Millie were inseparable throughout their lives. Despite being torn by the death of Tessa, she finds solace in her religious belief that Tessa is in a better place and that everything happens for a reason. In extreme events Millie will almost always turn to God’s support and hope she finds answers there. She’s caring but certainly had bitterness towards Benji during the breakup between him and Tessa. She stayed friends with Dana (Benji’s sister) because they work together in the same office. She keeps her bitter comments to herself around Dana.

AUDITION DATE: June 30th, 2019.

AUDITION TIME RANGE: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. by appointment ONLY

AUDITION LOCATION: Will be given upon request

AUDITION SCHEDULING INSTRUCTIONS: Please email to schedule a time slot. Headshot, resume and a prepared monologue are required.


PRODUCER: Luke Malone



APPROX. SHOOT DATES: Currently undecided, will be in the fall and will be in Arizona

COMPENSATION: (Minimum – Credit, DVD copy and food on set.)

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Tempe, Arizona
Please submit to: by 2019-07-19

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