Casting Multiple Roles in Video Project in Edmonton, AB Canada

Multiple paid roles for short film with a commercial purpose

Location: Edmonton, AB Canada

This is a 90 second short story with a commercial purpose, written and produced directly by Pleasant Studios.
The project is partly live action and partly a 3D computer generated environment.
All parts, except the goblin, have spoken lines.

All roles are paid. Reasonable travel costs would be covered.
Filming will be in Edmonton, and consisting of 1 day in October or November 2019.
Auditions will be held both via video-conference and live in Edmonton in October 2019.

Multiple roles available for a specific upcoming productions and dozens more for other productions being done by a respectful and high quality studio.

Roles Available:

  • Father: appearing to be aged late 30’s, every-day typical Dad with a good job like a manager, level-headed, a solid guy but friendly rather than overbearing.
  • Mother: appearing to be aged mid or late 30’s, every-day typical Mom, choice of exercise is Yoga, easy going but decisive.
  • Son: appearing to be high school age, headphones around neck, geeky, cynical, sarcastic, delivers punchy statements.
  • Daughter: appearing to be around 13 years old, innocent and vulnerable but smart for her age, glued to cell phone.
  • Business Woman: appearing to be late 20’s, a corporate spokeswoman delivering official public relations statements, but clearly insincere and hiding something.
  • Goblin: 3D generated character, very expressive facial acting, will be motion captured for the facial expressions.
  • Other Roles: please note that we have many dozens of other parts coming up in other projects, we welcome all actors or performers to get on our list for the other roles.
  • Ethnic Groups: We will be filming multiple versions of this story with different ethnicities. At a minimum, one family will be Caucasian with neutral American accents, one Hispanic with
  • Hispanic-American accents, and there is a good chance we will end up with additional versions.

We encourage all ethnic groups to apply.

Salary: They are paid positions. Pay TBD
Application Instructions: Apply online today at


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  1. Zach

    Hello, I’m 15 years old looking to become an actor step by step, I’m interested in playing the role as the son. I’ve done some research and this seems like a great option for me to start at. Thank you for taking your time to read this

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