Disney Auditions in New York for Various Shows


Disney has an upcoming audition / open call.

Disney Parks Entertainment is looking for singers to join various shows at their Disney World park location.  Casting directors will be holding an open casting call in New York City this week.

Male and Female Vocalists for Various Shows (and January 9)

Disney Singer Auditions:

Walt Disney World Singers with auditions in New York, NY at Pearl Studios
Singers for various shows at Disney World

Male and Female Vocalists, Disney auditions:

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Disney Parks Live Entertainment is seeking Male and Female Vocalists of all ethnicities to portray principal roles in the following shows which are performed at the Walt Disney World® Resort in Orlando, FL: Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage, Disney Junior Dance Party, Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue and Voyage of the Little Mermaid. This will serve as the open call for these offerings.

Upon signing of Walt Disney World® Individual Employment Contract, candidates are eligible to immediately apply for membership in Actor’s Equity Association.

Potential relocation packages may be available to candidates cast in certain roles.

Disney Iceland


Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage
Belle: Eager village girl who falls in love with a beast, who becomes the prince of her dreams. 5’4″-5’7″, female musical theatre mix/belt to E. Must portray 16 – 20 years of age.

Gaston: Male, arrogant, self-centered egotist who tries to get Belle to marry him. 6’4″ or taller, male operatic resonant baritone with a top G.

Disney Junior Dance Party
D.J. DeeJay: Female – pop mezzo-soprano. All Ethnicities.HIGH: must have a pop belt (strong mix ok) ‘C’ an octave above Middle C. Must also have mix/strong head voice to ‘F’ an 11th above Middle CLOW: must have a strong ‘A’ a minor 3rd below Middle C. (Having a ‘G#’ below Middle C is a *plus*, but not required.)

Finn: Male – pop tenor. All Ethnicities.
HIGH: must have a pop belt (strong mix ok) ‘A’ a 6th above Middle C. (Having a ‘B’ a whole step higher is a *plus*, but not required.)
LOW: must have a strong ‘Eb’ a 6th below Middle C. (Having a ‘B’ a 9th below Middle C is a *plus*, but not required.)

Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue
Flora Long: Energetic and youthful actor, beautiful leading lady; sweet and petite; vocal soloist-soprano.

Claire DeLune: Energetic and youthful actor, Johnny’s girl; she’s adorable, lovable and flirtatious, full of life and best known for her outrageous “giggle.” Singer who dances.

Dolly Drew: Energetic and youthful actor, the strong woman and “Annie Oakley” type. Vaudevillian style Comedian. Her mannerisms and style are less than demure. Character actor/comedienne.

Jim Handy: Energetic and youthful actor, 5’11″ and above, leader of the troupe; a leading man type; handsome, outgoing, friendly, vocal soloist-heroic bass/baritone.

Johnny Ringo: Energetic and youthful actor, 5’10″ and above, handsome, dapper; the song and dance man; a true gentleman. Classic air of sophistication. Singer who dances.

Six Bits: Energetic and youthful actor, a “punster”, Vaudevillian style Comedian; his brand of humor is often slapstick. Character actor/comedian.

Voyage of the Little Mermaid
Ariel: Female, lyrical pop soprano with belt to C. Must portray 16 – 20 years of age, petite, 5’1″-5’4″.

Audition Location:

January 9th, 2019

Pearl Studios
500 8th Avenue – 12th Floor
New York, NY 10018

: 9AM – 12PM.


Go to DisneyAuditions.com to create or update your profile before attending the audition.
Applicants must be at least 18 and authorized to work in the United States.
Please prepare the best 16 bars of a musical selection and provide clearly marked sheet music, in the correct key, for the accompanist. Prerecorded accompaniment or a cappella auditions are
Callbacks will be scheduled on January 10, 2019.
Candidates can be considered for multiple roles from this audition.

All performers employed by the Walt Disney World® Resort are covered under the terms and conditions of a Collective Bargaining Agreement with Actors’ Equity Association.

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