Nationwide Casting Call for Families Who Should Be On A Reality Show



Location: Nationwide

Type: Reality TV

Do you love “Keeping up with the Kardashians” or “Christly Knows Best?” Do you think your family should be a reality show? A major television network is searching for the most dramatic, lively, fun, transparent, and unfiltered families in America for a new primetime reality docu-series special/pilot.

Submissions are being accepted from parents, kids, teens, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas that are willing to have their family and relationships explored on national television. This is a fantastic opportunity to not only be seen by millions of viewers but to also explore your family dynamic and potentially strengthen your bonds in the process.

This new show will be produced by Stage 29, Dr. Phil’s production company, which has also produced hit series such as “Dr. Phil,” “The Doctors,” “Face The Truth,” and “BULL.” Producers are looking for families of all types, with varying parenting techniques, and an array of unresolved and complicated issues.

Are you always dreading the holidays because of family blow-ups? Are you a concerned parent because your oldest son is a womanizer? Are you a parent who does NOT like your daughter’s fiancé? Are you BFF with your kids, and you’ve totally lost control? Are you not speaking to someone in your family and it’s tearing the family apart? Producers want to hear from you.

This new primetime reality docu-series wants to hear all of your stories and experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly. Everyone has a family and everyone in that family has a different tale to tell. This new reality show is ready to shine a light on the American family, parenting experience, and family relationships and you and your family could be the focus of the production! If you are interested in submitting your family for consideration, check out the contact information below and be sure to leave a comment.

Be a part of what is sure to be one of the most dramatic, insightful, heartfelt and entertaining reality television shows of all time. Submit yourself and your family today.

Submission Information:
Names and ages of everyone in the family
Contact information (Phone Number, Email, Facebook)
City of residence

*NOTE: After pilot episode is shot, (no pay) – if the family moves to “series” – some pay.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: by 2019-10-22

This casting notice was posted by: Jennifer Sellar – Stage 29 productions

5 thoughts on “Nationwide Casting Call for Families Who Should Be On A Reality Show

  1. Angelina Cruz

    Our great family of 8. please take a look at out email submission!

  2. Leronda Bryant

    Hello, please consider my family for your reality TV show selection.

    I have emailed our information, I am looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. Lexie Hernandez

    Our blended family of 6 would be a great addition to reality TV. Please check out our email submission!

  4. Kimberly Maclin

    I have unsolved questions if possible. I want you guys to help me fix my family. I am tired of all the dark secrets that’s been going on for years. All this backstabbing confusion have to stop. I haven’t had peace with them in a long time. I want that so I can go on with my life.


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