Nationwide Casting Call for Plastic Surgery Show “Beauty and the Beach”


Beauty & the Beach – Series 03

Location: Nationwide

Type: Reality TV

Beautiful You Holidays are searching for potential patients for “Beauty & the Beach- series 03”. We are casting for males, females, trans and all gender identities aged 21 – 60 who are prepared to travel to an exotic location and undergo cosmetic surgery with a team of world renowned and acclaimed plastic surgeons.

We are looking for people with big personalities and incredible stories, This season in particular we are looking for people with any natural conditions or birth defects which could be improved through cosmetic procedures. We are also interested in any extreme skin conditions, growths or cysts, the more extreme the better.

People in need of reconstructive or repairing previous surgeries are also of interest. So please also let us know what procedure you are interested in.

Of course we are also looking for people looking for appearance enhancing plastic surgery but you must have a great story on how this procedure will change your life for the better.

So please contact us by going to our website and filling out the application form.

Submit to application form:

Payment: Non-paid

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: See above.

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7 thoughts on “Nationwide Casting Call for Plastic Surgery Show “Beauty and the Beach”

  1. Nicole Robinson

    I have lost 230 lbs and I want to one day in my life to wear a tank top, bathing suit, or sleeveless dress! I have been told all my life you look like Jane Kennedy. Well I want to look like her from back in the 70’s. I have worked hard for this body but cant show it off. I am a beautiful woman that want to feel beautiful without as much clothes on . Currently reside in Atlanta. Wife and Mother of 4. Please help me. You can expose all this on t.v. lol! Please provide email, cell number to text all pictures that are needed. Thank you for your time.

  2. Kirstie Golightly

    Will you accept an application from Scotland?

  3. Carmen Brown

    Hello, I am 54, and have 4 adult kids, and 2 miscarriage‘s. I have lost 80-100 LBs over 4 yrs. I am divorced from my kids father. He put me down, and cheated on me, and I have lost all of my confidence. I don’t expect to look perfect, but would like to feel positive, and confident about myself again. It’s been 32 yrs, and I would benefit with a body lift, and face lift. I would love to fit into clothes properly, and be able to buy normal fitting clothes. This is what i have needed for too many years.

  4. Jennifer Lee Reed

    I am a 32 year old working mother. I have lost a tremendous amount of weight over the last year or so. 105lbs go be extant. Highest weight was 227 lbs. Current weight is 122 lbs. I was always a little chunky with large breast. At my highest weight I was a 42 G/H. I am currently a 32 DDD/E ish but with all the extra skin it’s hard to tell the real size now.

    I would love to have a mommy makeover to enhance my self confidence and appearance. I am so happy with my weigh tloss and with my clothes on I feel amazing. But taking them off puts me into depression.



    I am inquiring about your next casting call for cosmetic surgery. I live is Canada, and I am interested I am 44 years old. I have had procedures in the past I have breast implants since 2001, which are now saggy my skin grows away from the implants you can see the implants on top and my breast is long. I have 3 c sections where I was cut vertically, now leaves me with a buldge at my lower stomach, I have loss all my butt due to morning sickness. I am looking to get my confidence back being married to a 30 year old, my body is not something that can wear certain clothes I have a not normal. I don’t feel beautiful, I even had liposuction in 2001 as well when I had my breast done. I was an exotic dancer then, I am used to taking my clothes off now I don’t even like walking to the bathroom at a club, which I have not been since 2016. Now I can’t even remove my clothes in front of my spouse. I think he is thinking my body look old and loose. I would love to get my breast re- done, have a liposuction, and have the fat transfer to my butt. See pictures attached, please let me know if I need to retake them, I can have my daughter do it again. I am willing to travel to the USA for this procedures.

  6. Jess Bowser

    After a crash emergency c-section (12 inch horizontal), my lower abdomen no longer has feeling below the navel and is painful underneath and a sight for sore eyes despite my weight loss of over 50 pounds. I get abscess, yeast and just embarrassment for last 9 years. I also have breasts that are a cup size in shape difference and quite saggy for a 36 year old, but I guess that is what life throws at you when you have DD at 5’1″ since 14 years of age. I have been through a monstrous 1 .5 years with uterine pre-cancer in December 2017 followed by hysterectomy at 35 years old, then numerous other surgery and being rear-ended at high speed with back and neck injury. I just want a new me and the little extra weight of my tummy and heavy misshapen breasts are causing me more serious pain in the 6 bulging or ruptured discs and ddd. Would be grateful for tummy help more than anything- or a partial help. Thank you.

  7. April Harris

    I am a stay at home mom and in recovery from addiction. I’ve always been smaller bc of the terrible lifestyle I lived. Now that I am sober, I I can’t get my body back to the way it once was! I want to look better for myself so I can be the best wife and mother I can be! I want to love the way I look! I want to love myself!


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