Open Auditions for Acrobats & Gymnasts in Vegas


VIRGIN VOYAGES || Seeking incredible circus performers!

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Type: Acrobats, Gymnasts


FOR Randy Weiner and 7 Fingers, onboard Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady

CATEGORY Cruise ship

SEEKING Circus Performers

TYPE Open call

DATE(S) May 1, 2019

TIME(S) 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Female-identifying, male identifying, and non-binary performers.

LOCATION Las Vegas Circus Center, 6425 S Jones Blvd Suite 102, Las Vegas, NV 89118

Seeking magnetic, playful, dynamic, amazing circus performers for two shows on board Virgin Voyages’ inaugural ship, the Scarlet Lady:

The 7 Fingers’ DUEL REALITY is an emotion-filled contemporary experience telling its story through the use of cutting edge digital projection interwoven with the authenticity of the human condition.

Randy Weiner’s ANOTHER ROSE, a dinner party that combines theater, dance, variety, music, intimate moments, and a multicourse meal, hosted by an alluring and free-spirited Chanteuse who encourages guests to explore new relationships and engage with one another in unique and daring ways.


• Rehearsals beginning in NYC January 2020
• 4-5 months at sea
• Performer minimum $1100/week
• No traditional cruise staff duties
• Travel and lodging provided with single occupancy cabins
• FREE onboard wifi for browsing and messaging


We are just as interested in the comprehensive representation of a diverse humanity as we are in finding exceptional talent when casting our ground-breaking entertainment for Virgin Voyages.


Seeking multidisciplinary contemporary circus artists with strong movement qualities (preferably ‘acro-dance’), strong acting skills (physically and emotionally expressive, minimal dialogue), strong base in floor acrobatics and partner work. Looking for magnetic team players, comfortable with up close audience interaction. Experience with musical instruments a plus.

ROMEO AND JULIET – Male and female hand-to-hand duo. Porter should porte banquine. Basic trapeze and/or capacity to learn.

REFEREE – Primary skill: diabolo, secondary skill: some pole and basic floor acrobatics.

PLANCE ARTIST 1 / TYBALT – Primary skill: Korean plank, secondary skills: strong floor and partner acrobatics. Hoop diving a plus.

PLANCE ARTIST 2 / MERCUTIO – Primary skill: Korean plank, secondary skill: strong floor and partner acrobatics. Hoop diving a plus.

POLE ARTIST 1 – Male – Primary skill: Chinese pole, secondary skill: floor and partner acrobatics. Hoop diving and porte a plus.

POLE ARTIST 2 – Female – Primary skill: Chinese pole, secondary skill: aerial, basic banquine, hand to hand flying. Will cover Juliet.

JUGGLER 1 – Female – Primary skill: juggling (preferably balls), secondary skills: floor and partner acrobatics, fly experience a plus.

JUGGLER 2 – Male – Primary skill: juggling (preferably balls, open to clubs, cigar boxes, rings, etc), secondary skills: banquine porter

HULA HOOP ARTIST – Female – Primary skill: hula hoop, secondary skill: aerial

PORTER – Male – Primary skill: banquine porting, secondary skill: hand to hand porting. Chinese pole and hoop diving a plus. Will cover Romeo.

FLYER – Male or Female – Primary skill: banquine flying, secondary skill: hand to hand flying. Chinese pole and hoop diving a plus. If female, will cover Juliet.


CIRCUS SOFIA – Female – highly skilled circus performer. Single Aerial Act/Beauty Act. Bullwhip and accuracy with targets skills necessary. Strong handstand experience plus parkour, hand-do-hand acrobatics, and bullwhip or other bondage performance.

CIRCUS TORRIN – Male – highly skilled circus performer. Abilities in aerial straps, hand-to-hand acrobatics, and trampoline/fast-track/parkour skills.

CIRCUS INDIGO – Male – highly skilled circus performer. Abilities in aerial straps, hand-to-hand/partner acrobatics, basing, sway pole. Must be comfortable being bound in harness.

+ All performers should be proficient in English.
+ Union/Non-Union.
+ All performers should be 21 or older.

Be prepared to demonstrate your circus skills, to move, and for a possible performance callback. Plan to stay until 6:00 PM if kept to the end.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Las Vegas, NV

This casting notice was posted by: RWS Entertainment Group

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