Open Auditions in Baltimore for Indie Film “The Seed”


Open casting call on November 2nd between 4-6pm EST for our upcoming short “The Seed”.

Seeking a pair of actors who resemble one another, a younger version (age 13) and an older version (age 33). Coming as a pair is encouraged.

*Roles for Erin are unisex, open race/ethnicity.

Location: Baltimore MD, 440 E Oliver St (City Arts 1)
Shoot Dates: Mid November (TBD)
Pages: 6
Paid: non-paid
Roles: Erin, Young Erin, Dr James, Jean (Mother)

Erin is given the opportunity to speak to herself from another time in order to change a memory that will ultimately change her life.

Erin – 33, Male/Female, 5’7″ – 5’9″
Growing up in poverty Erin was determined to make a life for herself. Her overwhelming fear of social spaces kept her in doors for most of her life. After becoming happy and successful in adulthood; her only regret became not seeking help for her problem sooner.

Young Erin – 13, Male/Female
Erin has been living alone with her single mother for as long as she can remember. Pretty oblivious to her current situation she remains bliss despite being impoverished along side her drug addicted mother.

Jean – 31, Female
Jean hasn’t had an easy life. Having a child unplanned and nearly non consensual her addiction to controlled substances has been her only coping mechanism.

Dr James – 62, Male
Dr James initially pursuing a medical background but decided midway through his path that his calling was to help people through therapy and rehabilitation. He’s been helping Erin to navigate through her childhood traumas

Please submit information to the following form if interested. A link to the sides will appear once your form has been submitted:

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