Paternity Court in Now Casting Nationwide


Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court is casting people looking for a DNA test.

The nationally syndicated talk show / court show is filming a new season and looking to cast people nationwide.

Do you need a paternity test?

Do you want to get one done on national TV and have the questions answered one and for all?

If so read on because the show is casting nationwide and those chosen will be paid for their appearance as well as get free travel to Atlanta for the filming. The travel includes airline tickets, car service and hotel accommodations.

Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court deals with family issues and family issues only.  The show deals with emotional cases, many of which need a DNA test to resolve.  “Lauren Lake’s lengthy legal career has specialized in family law, making her a natural fit for this court.” – IMDB


TV Show Asks: Do You Need A DNA / Paternity Test?

  • Do you need a paternity test to determine who the father of your child is?
  • Are you uncertain which man is the father of your child?
  • Are you an adult who wants a man to take a paternity test to see if he is really your biological dad?
  • Does a woman claim your son is her child’s father but you think he’s not the baby’s daddy?

Call And Tell Us Your Story At:

Qualifying Guests May Be Entitled To One Or More Of The Following:

  • Free Paternity Test
  • Free Airline Travel To And From Atlanta, GA
  • Car Service
  • Hotel Lodging
  • Hair & Make-up
  • Meal Money
  • Cash Compensation

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