Short Student Film Auditions in New Orleans, LA


Roar of the Cicadas

Location: Short Student Film Casting Call in NOLA

Type: Student Films


The film is titled Roar of the Cicadas, and follows a young woman who experiences what she deems to be a sign from God amidst her younger sibling’s terminal sickness, leading her to believe that she has been chosen to guide her brother/sister through their illness. Yet not all goes as planned as it soon becomes clear that the newfound presence in her life isn’t exactly holy. The film is a magical realism narrative with touches of abstract horror.

Tentative Shoot Dates:

November 21st-November 25th

Would likely consist of two-three shooting days over the course of this time span, the exact times will depend on actor availability.

Will be shooting in the Greater New Orleans area.

Character Descriptions:

Isaac / Amna:
Gender: male or female
Age: 8-14 (flexible)

Bethany’s younger sibling who is sick with a terminal illness. Isaac/Amna has an incredibly close relationship with Bethany and depends on her heavily as their health takes a turn for the worse. Once an avid dancer with a love of the theater, the strain of their illness has made even speaking difficult, and they look to Bethany for entertainment through bedtime stories and books, furthering the close bond between the two. They have a very sweet and calm demeanor, and are incredibly trusting.

Gender: female
Age: 30-50
Bethany and Isaac/Amna’s mother. She is a strong and reliable caretaker and places her kids at the forefront of her life. A dedicated career woman, she works hard to provide for her children, especially in the wake of her husband’s death from cancer a few years prior. She has raised her children in the Christian faith, and it has always been a pillar within the family, although since the loss of her husband she has grown steadily more and more disillusioned with it. She has become more familiar with the difficulties of life, particularly defined by her struggle to both cover Isaac/Amna’s medical costs and cope with their illness, and has begun to resent the idea of faith, instead relying more and more on science and matters of concrete reality. This proves to be a point of tension between her and Bethany, as Bethany has taken the opposite approach and has leaned further into her faith in order to cope with the tragic events in their life. Overall, Marjorie comes across as quite worn, but does her best to be steady and strong in front of her children.

The link to the concept trailer is listed here, which is meant to capture the aesthetics of the shoot.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Short Student Film Casting Call
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