Student Film Auditions in Vancouver, BC, Canada



Location: Vancouver

Type: Student Films

Synopsis: Two warriors from different cultures find themselves trapped in purgatory. At first they try to form a bond to survive the ethereal plane, but once the warriors ideals begin to clash, so do their worlds.

In Depth Character Descriptions:

Ethnicity: European
Age (Roughly): 36
Build: Slender yet Muscular.
Features (not necessary, but preferred): Slight stubble. Bald.
Characteristics: Stern, Stouthearted, Powerful, Disciplined, and Authoritative.
Backstory/ Bio: A Crusader in life and death, Alastair is a devout disciple of the catholic faith and a sworn sword of god. Alastair has lived his life striking down those who oppose the catholic word and has never questioned his faith. In death, Alastair is as he was in life. Disciplined, stern, and stouthearted. A warrior of god, who has never wavered In willpower.

Ethnicity: Norwegian
Age (Roughly): 35
Build: Stocky and built
Features (not necessary, but preferred): Ginger hair, Beard, with shoulder length hair.
Characteristics: Humble, Negotiable, Open minded, Strategist, Uneducated, and honest.
Backstory/ Bio: Sólmundr grew up on an isolated village off the coast of Norway, living off the sea. Sólmundr learned the ways of the sea and worked as a dockhand throughout his young life. Later on, Sólmundr began partaking in raiding parties lead by his Viking brethren. Sólmundr spent his life robbing and pillaging priests and peasants. Until the day he died in a raid, where he was killed by a temple guard. In death he was as he was in life. A humble warrior with simple beginnings. Uneducated in the ways of literature and art, but extremely smart in art of strategy and combat. Strong, strategic, and open to sacrifice himself in order to score a killing blow, Sólmundr is a deadly warrior and a humble, honest man.

Ethnicity: Greek Caucasian
Age (Roughly): 32
Build: Muscular/ Athletic
Features (not necessary, but preferred): Black shoulder length hair, Stubble
Characteristics: Fiery, Hot headed, Blood thirsty, Violent, Beastly, and Ferocious.
Backstory and Bio: Barak was born into blood and violence. Born a slave and thrown into the arena as a young boy, Barak lived his life fighting for the entertainment of the romans. Until the day he died, in the arena, where he was thrown into the ditch and replaced by the next combatant. Barak sees purgatory as just another arena. An arena that he will not fail. Barak has slain hundreds of combatants in Purgatory hoping to fight his way into heaven. No matter the cost.

Please email: to get a copy of the character sides you are interested in auditioning for (Alastair/Solmunr/Barak). Record a self tape, and send in a copy to the email provided.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Vancouver
Please submit to: by 2019-12-04

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