Actor Auditions in Southeast Wisconsin for Web Series “The Bat”


The Bat

Location: Southeast Wisconsin

Type: Web series

Hello, we are making a web series for YouTube in southeast Wisconsin based on DC character Batman called The Bat. This series is a non-profit, non-paid webseries. We’re looking for people who are passionate about the character and want to make this project to have fun or build a resume. Thanks!

Edward Nygma/Riddler – Nygma is a male, 20s-30s. He has a severe case of OCD causing an obsession with puzzles, namely riddles. He is determined that he is the most intelligent person alive and will stop at nothing to compete to prove its true.

Alfred Pennyworth – Pennyworth is male, 50’s-60s, British (or able to do British accent). He is the Wayne family butler who took in Bruce after his parents murder. He is like a father to Bruce and has helped him along the way of his crusade.

Carmine Falcone – Falcone is male, 40s-50’s. He is the head of the Falcone Crime family. He is aggressive and wants to run Gotham. He puts up with no BS. He is rivals with Salvatore Maroni, head of the Maroni crime family. Very headstrong.

Salvatore Maroni – Maroni is male, 40s-50’s. He’s the head of the Maroni crime family. He’s more passive aggressive but knows what he wants. He has a truce with Falcone but they’re out for each other’s heads. Very confident.

Commissioner Loeb – Loeb is male, 40s. He’s the police commissioner of Gotham. He’s your typical New York police chief. Except he’s corrupt and doesn’t care anymore. He buys illegal guns and lets it slide. He thinks he’s untouchable. Very cocky.

Hamilton Hill – Hill is the current mayor of Gotham. Male, 60s. Hill has been mayor of Gotham for some time. He is corrupt and was brought up by the crime families. He is confident in that his way is right. Very arrogant. Brief appearance

Jonathan Crane – Crane is Male, 30s. Crane is a psychologist who is also Jim Gordon’s therapist. He is very antsy yet very confident in his work. He always seems focused on something else.

Extras – We are also casting a variety of people willing to play thugs, cops, civilians. They will appear through the series and you can be a repeat role.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Southeast Wisconsin
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