Actor Auditions in the Philippines for Short Movie Project


Casting Call for a bi-cultural Short Movie

Location: Philippines

Type: Film

This story was on the table since 2018 November. And finally we made up mind to present it on screen. The story revolves around two different families of two different countries and two different religion. The ending of the story shows how things are preplanned and it executes. This is a short story and will be on tape of 37.3 minutes. The shoot is planned in Mid July of 2020 and will continue till 1st week of August. We request only candidates who is available at this time to apply.

From Philippines, we need the following cast:
1. Male Age 28 to 30 (Must have passport for out shoot) – A Corporate guy type person
2. Male Age 70 or around (Passport not necessary) – A pure Filipino Village grand father
3. Male Age 2o to 25 (10 nos for a group shot)

4. Female Age 22 to 25 (Must have passport) – A university student
5. Female Age 35 to 40 (Mother)
6. 3 Child of approx age 12 to 15

7. A male for the role of Father of Church 50 plus
8. A bold female to play role of a side actor must be 22 plus

We want the cast to make note before applying
1. The pay will be decided by the production depending upon the involvement and time.
2. The Casting Team can change the hair style of cast as per the requirement and temporary tattoos can be used.
3. The movie is entirely in English language except few spaces where the local language is necessary to give the feel of the locality.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Philippines
Please submit to: by 2020-04-05
While applying, make sure to send Bio 5 position Pictures closeup looks and a small intro video. The video should not be less than 2 minutes and can be shoot by any good camera phone with a 360 angle.

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