Auditions for Kid Voice Actors and Singers


Rock On! – Child voice actors/singers wanted

Location: US/Canada based

Type: Music Video

We’re looking two fantastic young voice actors/singers for a fun animated music video starring Team Rock, the stars of the forthcoming animated series Rock On!

All voice actors will be paid $20 each for the initial ‘Team Rock Dance’ music video and MUST record from a home-based studio. If all goes well we might recast them for the show itself (which will be available online) and any other upcoming Rock On projects!

Leo is an 11 year old pup with a passion for singing. For his voice, we’re looking someone who has the ability to hold a tune well. We’re hoping for a 10-13 year old boy (preferably with a Canadian accent to match the previous voice actor, though American voice actors will be considered too).

Pippi is an excitable 12 year old unicorn. Like Leo’s voice actor, we’re hoping for a good singer, preferably a 11-14 year old girl with an American/Canadian accent.

Note that other characters have already been casted.

For the audition, we want them to show off their abilities by performing a sample from this song and reading off the following lines (with lots of enthusiasm, of course!)

We love to rock, we love to play
Practicing along the way
Team Rock gonna rock it on the stage today
Come along and join the crew
All we really need is you
Learn the dance and come right in
It’s time to let the fun begin

“Hi! Welcome to Animatropolis. I’m Leo and I can’t wait to show you around!”
“Hey, why don’t we put on a show together?”
“This… is… PAWSOME!”

“Check out my new guitars! I couldn’t decide between the purple one, or the blue one. So I ended up getting both!”
“Oh hey Bluki! You like my new invention? It’s called the PawPad 7000 deluxe and it can let us talk to each other, ANYWHERE in the world!”
“It’s time to jam out!”

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: US/Canada based
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