Audition for Student Movie “Who Dunnit” in Gloucestershire UK


‘Who Dunnit’

Location: Gloucestershire, UK

Type: Student Films

Timmy invites his four friends over to his nan’s mansion for the evening. A storm is raging outside but it doesn’t lower the mood of the group. Things take an interesting turn for the worst when they take a break from their boardgame as one of them is murdered! The four remaining do everything they possibly can to get to the bottom of the mysterious death.

Character Breakdowns
Kate: Kate is 20 years old. She is a naïve young woman who isn’t very ‘street smart’, she still has a lot to learn in the lesson of life including how to properly be an adult. She tends to rely on others too much, which is what she has found herself doing with Timmy – her boyfriend. She worships the ground Timmy walks on and sees him through rose tinted glasses.

Timmy: Timmy is 22 years old and incredibly selfish. On the outside he has the façade of being charming and generous. He was very popular at school and university as he was aware of how to manipulate others to like him. He is smitten having both Kate and Alice fawning over him but despite this he wouldn’t want anyone to see him as a ‘player’.

Dom: Dom is 21 years old; he is a very loud and fun-loving guy that doesn’t take life too seriously. He met Timmy back when they were in university together and they formed a strong bond – both being the ‘lad’ type. However, Dom grew jealous when Timmy and Kate got together during second year of university. He was jealous not only because Kate was taking away Timmy’s time but also because he was slowly falling in love with Kate himself. He has had an unrequited love for her ever since.

Lizzie: Lizzie is 19 years old. She has a very obsessive and addictive personality. She is a chain smoker and drinker. She is very close friends with Alice, so close that she has become obsessed with her, she loves her unconditionally and the fact Alice is having a secret fling with Timmy kills her. Lizzie would do anything to expose Timmy and Alice’s affair to Kate in order to have Alice to herself, but she knows Alice will resent her if she does.

Alice: Alice is 21 years old. She is very work driven and determined, something that reflects in her recent promotion at work as a journalist. She is beautiful and flirty. She met Timmy in the profession and has sank her teeth in ever since. She gets off on the fact she knows she is more intelligent and attractive than Timmy’s other half Kate. But in the same breath she is desperate to have him to herself.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Gloucestershire
Please submit to: by 2020-03-11

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