Auditions in Atlanta for Indie Film “Mona Lisa”

Mona Lisa

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Type: Film

Adult Lisa – 21 & 32 African American
Youthful face. Black ringlets in her hair. Professional (30s). Young Adult – Trying to fit in with her job. Believes Diane will never love her.

Child Lisa – 8 African American
Innocent. Truthful. Looks identical to Adult Lisa. Wants to be believed.

Teenage Lisa – 16 African American
Heavy make-up. Clothes start modest before moving to short skirts and halter-tops. Wants to be believed.

Diane – 30s-40s African American
Similar to Adult Lisa, but with short hair. Life has hardened her.

Elderly Diane – 70s African American
Weak. Sickly. White/Silver hair. Wrinkles. Has a hard time accepting the truth.

Michael – 30s-40s African American
Handsome. Listens to everything Diane says. Wants what is best for Lisa.

Jerome – 16 African American
Tough. Rough looking with tattoos & piercings. Can go from charming to cruel in a second.

James – 30s & 70s African American
Lisa’s Uncle. Skeptical about everything. Always sticks with family.

Suzette – 30s African American
Jerome is her life and can do nothing wrong. Everyone is out to get him. Believes every lie he tells.

Chris – 16 Caucasian
Red hair, glasses. Looks like a nerd but is equal to Jerome in cruelty.

Marcus – 21 & 60s African American
Handsome. Could have any girl he wants, but for some reason is always alone or with girls a lot younger than him.

Missy – 16 Caucasian
Very skinny. Glasses. Thinks she’s hot, but appears like she rarely bathes. Skanky clothes.

Mitch – 35 African American
Clean cut. Buff. Handsome. The man all women of all ages and races want.

Andrea – 30s & 70s African American
Lisa’s Aunt. Wears blinders when it comes to Marcus. Anything that could destroy the family is a lie.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, Georgia
Please submit to:
please submit: headshot, 2 min dramatic monologue and resume

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