Casting People Whose Life Would Make A Great Reality Show


The MGM Casting team is looking for the next unscripted TV star.

Is your life a reality show waiting to actually happen?

Are you the next Duck Dynasty or the next Kardashians?

Are you, your friends or your family huge characters like Bethany Frankel or Gordon Ramsay?

Are you at any new crossroad in your life such as thinking of proposing, quitting your job or moving into a new state?

Are you an expert in a unique field? Home reno, event planning, culinary or any other special skills?

If so, producers would like to hear your story.

Have you ever thought “my life could be a reality show”?

We want to hear from fierce competitors, singles looking for love, hilarious families, experts with skills/talent, and fascinating circles of friends from all walks of life. Let us know if you have what it takes to entertain or have an amazing story to share.


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