Casting Call for Web Series in Melbourne, Victoria , Australia

Bucket List Squad

Location: Melbourne, Victoria , Australia

Type: Web series

Well, Well, Well hello there!
I have a brand new film company called- Filmso… And I want to be making series; Now if you don’t get selected for BucketListSquad; Then your audition would be kept in mind for the other 7 series! or would be taken as an extra That would be shooting around the same time. Now, Don’t skip this; this is important.
Don’t be afraid; Be you! You’re amazing and hope you’ll be a huge star. Just audition ; try your luck! ‘BucketListSquad is a series that will go on for 3-6years so you must be committed!

BucketListSquad is about a group that has to complete the whole highschool year while avoiding problems, making it, and completing everything on the bucket list!
The Main group would consist –

Aerin Bolnjue-(A!)- Sadly this role is taken!

Aeneas Soloint- The popular boy; a lot like Minnie and these 2 have romance; Miles has always been mistreated and is a very funny boy! He is kind; but uh dumb? He loves basketball! And is a singer as well. If you want to audition to send a basketball audition, singing audition, and general acting audition.

Raelene Shawer- (Rae!)- The Cheerleader – Even though a cheerleader very doubtful, she is a guitarist and is raised in a very strict home the only people that can get to her parents are Aerin and Kailyn. She is a very good cook and is very bad at acting- Send tumbling audition, Singing Audition, Guitar Audition, and General Audition

Xavier Tyrol- The athletic nerd and the annoying one; he’s the flirt of the group he’s also a singer and plays the drums. His parents left him so he lives with Aeneas and his family! Send General Audition- indicating the sport you do, Send Singing Audition, and Drums Audition.

Kaitlyn- ( Lynie) The absolute troubled, sassy, and lazy one- Being raised in an abusive home Kaitlyn only lives with her older sister and is extremely lazy. She’s the depressed one but very fun when it comes to parties. ( General Audition and singing audition)

Louis- ( Loser) – The absolute posh one is always on tour but when available is always with the rest he has a strong British accent and is very confident. Send general- Audition alongside singing audition.

Second Main –
Aylie Bolnjue- Aerin’s smart, but annoying younger sister ( Send general audition)

Extras –

Teachers- Need at least 6 – Some need to be funny some serious

Principal- Strong accent

Main Extra – STudents- All Main extras will be given Lines

Extra- Just there!

Aerin and Aylie- Mum

Aeneas Parents’
Louise’s – Parents

Kaitlyn Sister’

Raes strict parents!

That’s all! Thank You!

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Melbourne, Victoria , Australia
Please submit to: by
Please send an Monologue to my email –, State your name and age, background,hobbies,experience, location and about you before you read any chosen monologue ; if you can’t find one email me and I will send one to you! Be yourself don’t be afraid just do it !

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  1. Timothy James

    Hi my name is Tim James and I’m interested in applying for one of these roles, I have many talents and feel I can adapt to many of these roles if im offered the opportunity, I’m just a bit unsure of where I at, I’ve had no acting experience (well except acting a majority of my life) and would be very appreciative if i could be contacted back about this.

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