Casting for Multiple TV Pilots in Los Angeles and Branson, MO


“NAZARETH” & “BRANSON” Pilot Season

Location: Los Angeles, CA and Branson, MO

Type: TV Pilots

DoveStream, a Union Signatory streaming production company, is announcing a pilot season casting call for two productions. NAZARETH and BRANSON. Will be taped in two locations, Los Angeles, California and in Branson, Missouri.

Famous writers, Joe Glauberg (Happy Days & Mork and Mindy), and Larry Bischof (Grizzly Adams, Waltons, and Little House on The Prairie) have teamed up. NAZARETH: exploring comedy in biblical proportions from the perspective of the brother of Jesus and their family. Casting for 12 Principles + Diversity Principles. BRANSON: Millennial family inherits BnB Motel/Club/Bar/Theatre, extreme comedy of today’s issues. Casting for 7 + Diversity Principles.

SAG/AFTRA members, Actor’s Equity, Second City Graduates, Cool Beans Graduates, and URTA qualified Masters/Bachelor Degree Actor’s welcome. TAFT Hartley Actors will sign an agreement for SAG/AFTRA membership immediately within pay negotiation or fill out the employment verification form and join SAG/AFTRA immediately. This is to ensure 100% of the principle cast on the day of the shoot is a Union Member.

Requirement: Headshot, Resume, and 3 minutes: 2 minutes contrast monologue (Drama/Comedy) and 1minute 16 bar song on a flash drive.

Joseph-brother of Jesus, mid-twenties handsome, able to pass for being Jewish, short beard, a little arrogant but likable.
Hannah-sister of Jesus, Jewish, in her twenties, unofficial default leader of the workshop.
Rachael-sister of Jesus, twenties, attractive, desperate to find a man.
Simon-brother of Jesus, twenties, Jewish, handsome, athletic, stubbly beard, wannabe soldier and defender of the family.
Zaccheus-40s, Short, Jewish, Tax collector
Mary Magdalene-Flamboyantly beautiful Samaritan sorceress in her twenties, unapologetically manifesting a number of different demonic personalities.
Sheva-pompous sizable Jewish Pharisee in his late 50s. Mr. Know it all.
Bartimaeus-Blind Jewish, combination beggar and mohel (a guy who does circumcisions). Adult Doctor’s Age
Amos-Semi-retired Israelite Shephard, 50s
Ahinoam-40s Galilean Jewish Widow.
Jokim-16, son of Ahinoam.
Antonio-Tall ruggedly built 50s Roman Centurion.
Diversity Principles: Possibly Amos, Egyptian/Ethiopian Jew, and few characters mid-20s-30s fitting the characters for both male and female Egyptian/Ethiopian Jew.

NOTE: Make sure you have background/backstory/motive/agenda thought out and studied for your part. Remember Extreme Comedy in Biblical Proportions. Think Robin William & Jonathan Winters style wit to your character.

Peggy- Filled
Jeff- Filled
Bobby-15, wisecracking self-appointed overseer of his two younger siblings, and all children fostered in the future
Missy-13, Sister of Bobby, cute and extremely talkative.
Jack-10, youngest sibling brother, Just getting into doing animal impersonations with Animaniacs, Hannah Barbara, and Looney Toons impressions.
Tony-50s chief cook and manager of Joe’s Place (I ain’t no cook. I’m a chef. And Joe ain’t here no more. He’s dead. You want a menu?)
Waitress to be named-mid 40s tall blond good looking who likes to put Tony in a spot, blunt comments of correction, honest to the point when Tony is being opinionated.
Diversity Cast: Male and Female age 10-15 years, American Indian, African Americans, and Asians

Call Backs will be notified for cold read: be prepared for an extra improvisational request.
Submit 24325 Crenshaw Blvd. #336, Torrance, CA 90505

Instructions: State on the left corner of the envelope, name of production and the character you want to be cast for. Casting through mail ends at the end of March.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA and Branson, MO
Please submit to: See address above

This casting notice was posted by: DoveStream

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