Casting Hosts For TV Show That Explores Universities Across The US for Korean Market

By | September 22, 2020

Voice of America: Around and Across America College Tours

Location: nationwide

Type: Docu-series

Voyage Pictures, a media production company based in Grand Rapids, MI, is in search of an on-camera host for an episodic Korean travel series that highlights the unique people, locations and cultures of American Colleges & Universities. Production will commence in early October 2020 and go through December 2020 (or through March 2021 pending college availability). Due to the pandemic and COVID-19’s travel restrictions, the productions will be monitored and protocols will be in place for each production. The host will be expected to travel to college locations when government and safety restrictions allow. Host would need to be available for monthly travel throughout the US for production sprints for the duration of (4-6) days at a time, as well as have a home or office space with reliable internet for episodes where remote productions are required due to restrictions. Host needs to be professional and composed on camera, have an adventurous spirit, and have an engaging and inquisitive journalistic approach to interviewing subjects and trying new things.

As the host, your overall responsibility is to be the face and personality of this edu-tainment tv series. You will be the Korean audience’s eyes, feet, hands, and voice while exploring different universities around the United States. Furthermore, you’ll be expected to convey the feeling and excitement of being at the universities and participating in the culture that the show will capture. With this in mind, below are specific tasks your role will execute during each sprint and episode.

Season 1 Links:
To get an idea of the content that will be captured, as well as the look and feel, please review the following:
On Location Episode Example:
Remote Episode Example:

Position Responsibilities (by Project Phase):

Review and speak into episode themes, activities, and locations that would be
interesting to the Korean audience.
Pre-Interview/make contact with interview subjects and location contacts via phone
(or video conference) before each production day (per Producers contacts and locations).
On these calls, it’s important to review the days schedule, the intent of the crew’s shot list, and the needs for the production I.E.: controlling the noise during interviews, obtaining releases for all who are filmed, being ready to receive the crew, etc
Co-execute/delegate producer logistics while filming episodes and traveling I.E.: navigating, travel confirmations, ordering meals, driving a rental vehicle with crew members when needed, scouting, etc.

Host show on camera I.E.: be on time, prepared, dressed accordingly (must supply own hair, make-up and wardrobe), with a good attitude every day of production.
Speak and engage fluently in English and Korean as needed (show is filmed with segments in both languages)
Interview subjects on camera.
Participate in activities on camera with interview subjects.
Oversee the cultural context of content with the audience in mind.
Provide content/location/activity notes for editors after each shoot day.

Post Production
Record and send voice over assets for each episode to post production manager by deadlines (some equipment may be supplied).
Participate in additional filming sessions for any remotely produced school.
Review and provide feedback/problem-solve to/with the story-editor in the draft edit for cultural context of each episode.
Review editor’s translation (and if needed, provide or assist translations) for episode’s Korean/English cuts (for additional compensation).

Time Commitment and Travel Requirements

Available for filming in early October 2020 through early December 2020.
Available for additional filming in January 2021 through March 2021 as needed
Available for filming (8-12) day production sprints each month of the series. Due to current travel restrictions, notification of schedule will be provided with as much advance notice as possible. However, in some cases, host will need to be available for travel and productions with as minimum as one to two weeks notice pending college confirmations. Production company will work with host to ensure as much advance notice as possible.
Host to be available during the non-production days via email/phone/in-person for pre- production and post production needs, as scheduled. Typical turn-arounds required on voiceover deliveries from host are 24 hours.
Must be available and willing to travel via vehicle and/or flight to various destinations within the United States of America.
Valid US drivers license and/or passport required.

Desired Skills and Experience

Associates or bachelor’s degree in Journalism, film production, theater arts, drama, acting or performing preferred.
Work Experience
2 years of film production experience preferred.
2 years of acting/being on camera experience preferred.
Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:
MUST be bilingual in both Korean and English as the show will be in filmed
in both languages.
MUST be Korean-American (time spent in Korea preferred).
MUST have reliable internet connection and location to conduct recorded video conference calls.
Leadership, creativity and vision.
Awareness and knowledge of the film production and film service industries.
Ability to adapt quickly and professionally on camera.
Ability to work collaboratively with production team and new acquaintances.
Effective and concise communication.
Demonstrated fiscal responsibility and business ethics.
High level of professionalism.
Outstanding problem solving and critical thinking skills.
Detail oriented and organized.
Ability to work well under pressure.
Excellent time management and task prioritization skills.

Application Process
Applicants are asked to provide a resume, headshot, and reel or video sample of on camera experience (in both English and Korean) by midnight EST Thursday, September 24th.
Top applicants will be asked to schedule a video conference call to interview with the Voyage Pictures team the weeks of September 21st and September 28th.
Final select and position to be awarded by end of September.

Send resumes, headshot, and video submission links to

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: nationwide
Please submit to: by 2020-09-25
Submit head shot, resume, and video of English and Korean speaking.

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