Casting People Who Are Starting A Small Business

By | November 30, 2020

Are you starting your own business?

TV show producers are casting for folks that are looking to buy a mom & pop business or start one of their own.  Do you need some help from an experienced business broker?  A TV show wants to document your journey.

If you’ve spent the better part of 2020 hatching a plan to follow your dream of being your own boss, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Whether you’ve perfected baking, started an Etsy shop, become a home brewer, mastered woodworking or discovered that you were meant to be a #maker and are actively planning on opening a Brick & Mortar to sell your wares, WE CAN HELP YOU.

If you or someone you know plan on launching a new business or just need expert help getting into something new, WE ARE HERE FOR ALL OF IT! If you’ve got a BUDGET, we’ve got your business!

To apply, go to:



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