Casting People With Really Bad Tattoos That Need To Be Covered Up in Los Angeles

Got a bad tattoo that you would love to have covered up?

If you live in the Los Angeles / SoCal area, read on.

Now Casting a Brand New Tattoo Show for a Global Streaming Service!

Do you have a bad tattoo with an interesting story behind it? Would you like to get it covered up for free by a talented tattoo artist?
We want to talk to you!

Feel free to share with friends or family who have tattoos that deserve a world-class cover up!

Filming will take place in Southern California.

Apply at

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  1. Dakita

    I was in a toxic relationship and she made me get her face tattooed on me I hate looking at my body because of it.

  2. Bethany

    A FREE tattoo is NEVER a good idea!! I got a free tattoo from a chick my husband new (we were married for 13 years but are now divorced!!!). Not sure what he did or how he knew her that made the tattoo free but I went, and now have a permanent reminder of my ex and the chick he “somehow” new who agreed to do the thing for free. It is on my hip. A Celtic type cross with flowers around the bottom of it and Proverbs 31:25 written at the top. I am a brand new woman now that I am out of that marriage I have gained my strength and independence back and finally love who I am!! I have a new man in my life who is incredible. I would love nothing more than to turn this tattoo on my hip into something that shows who I am and showcases the strength I have as an independent woman.

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