DC Area Auditions for SAG Film Project “Rich Christmas”



Location: Washington DC

Type: Film



SHOOT DATES: December 2nd -18th

LOCATION: Prince George County, Maryland



SUBMISSION INFO: In the subject line please type the name of the character you are interested in portraying, and attach headshots, resumes, and reels (if available) and send email to megamindcast@gmail.com for consideration.


VALERIE RICH (20’s), a spoiled and ungrateful wealthy socialite, learns a valuable lesson one Christmas after her mega real estate businessman father, MARSHAL RICH (50’s) decides to close the first property that started his business… a homeless family shelter.


MADISON MONROE AKA AGGIE MAGGIE – Late 40’s’s, an elegant and posh bombshell. Madison is filthy rich and self-absorbed. Diamonds adorn her wrists and fingers revealing perfectly manicured nails and so on.

TIFFANY – Mid to late 20’s, extremely feminine, pretty and posh with a mean girl appeal.

SERENITY – Mid to late 20’s, Charming, pretty and posh yet, sensible and in touch. Tiffany can come off like a mean girl but when it counts, she’s always dependable.

TYSON – Late 20’s, Tall, cute and boyish. He’s super corny, uses played out slang and has an outdated rapper look. He’s definitely a wanna-be whom doesn’t really come off like as a snake, but he gives off an ingenuine vibe.

BIG WHITE MIKE – 30’S, a very short, dark skinned black man with an amazingly high-pitched voice. He wears extremely baggy clothes as if to make himself seem bigger. Mike is a bit grittier than Tyson but still not a tough guy.

BARBARA HARRIET – 30-40’s, conservative, confident and charming. Barbara is a voluptuous home bred type.

JEREMY HOLLY – 8, cute and charming. Jeremy is sad and withdrawn but desperately wants to be a normal kid.

SHERYL HOLLY – 30-40’s, homely, plain and meek. While she seems like she could’ve been a beauty before Sheryl is tired looking and appears to have had a hard time in life lately.

JOYOUS JONES – 40’s, Tall, strong and slightly out of shape. Joyous is a former action star who has a rundown Hollywood air about himself. He’s humble yet prideful in his demeanor.

MR. PRANCER – 60-70’s, Studious and stern. Mr. Prancer is a retired teacher who wears glasses and isn’t too inviting.

MRS. PRANCER – 60’s – 70’s, graceful, tall and slim. A retired dancer, Mrs. Prancer is a statuesque woman who’s artsy and natural with an afrocentric style.

HENLEY – 50 – 60’s, a less than enthused witty butler with a British accent.

MARY – 20’s, Sweet, genuine, and mousey yet assertive within her role.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Washington DC
Please submit to: megamindcast@gmail.com by 2020-11-22
Submit headshots, resumes and reels (if available) to megamindcast@gmail.com for consideration

This casting notice was posted by: Kwanza Dixon (Casting Associate)

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