Lead Actor Roles for “The Shadow Concept: Indie Film in Orlando

The Shadow Concept

Location: Orlando Fl

Type: Film

Caleb (Lead) – Age 20 -23 Race: Any Caleb has a smart ass attitude and best friend to Jacob. He is not as dedicated to school but still does his work. He is average height with a slim athletic type build. He is tanner and has slight facial hair. Long or short hair on top.

Jacob (Lead) – Age: 20-23 Race: Any Height is tall with facial hair. He has darker hair and is on the tanner side dark eyes and a friendly appearance. He also has a slim athletic type build. Also had long or short hair.

Waitress- Age 35+ Race: Any Height: Any

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Orlando Fl
Please submit to: Stephenfranklinproductions@gmail.com
Please email a headshot and resume with video reel if you have one!

This casting notice was posted by: Stephen Franklin/ Stephen Franklin Productions / The Shadow Concept

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