Open Auditions in Atlanta for Lead Roles in Short Film

By | August 28, 2020

The Short Film “Virgin Beneficiaries”

Location: Atlanta, GA

Type: Film

The audition for the short film “Virgin Beneficiaries.” will take place next Saturday, September 5th, 12:00 P.M. at Rosa L. Burney Park (477 Windsor Street, SW Atlanta, GA 30312). The audition will be held on the outside (beneath tents) and parking is free. Please be prepared to perform a 30 second to 1 minute monologue. If you have any questions prior to the audition please email.

Phil and Mahogany are an ambitious and very spiritual couple, grounded in faith. They have major plans for their future, including marriage and businesses. Phil is completing his hours to become a licensed barber and wants to own a barber shop. He currently works construction through a temporary staffing service. Mahogany is a graduate student, who was working part time, until the company closed. She still manages to use her singing talent to create income through different avenues. There are emergencies involving close family members whom they are caring for, not to mention their own financial troubles. With adversity coming from all directions, while in financial turmoil, can they hang on to their faith? Or, what if an opportunity the couple is reluctant to take is right before them? An opportunity that can remove their financial problems and get their businesses started in one weekend of work for one of them. Do they agree to get what they can and get out? Or, does one last go at it by one of them, create more problems and opportunity at the same time?


Mahogany (LEAD FEMALE): Any ethnicity, must be physically fit, ability to dance and sing is a plus but not required. Nice girl type but will express emotions from nice, shy, angry, rough, seductive, exotic and evil. Must be comfortable briefly wearing lingerie.

Phil (LEAD MALE): Any ethnicity, nice guy type, very ambitious, provider, supporter and very spiritual. Works construction, and the neighborhood barber. Always dreamed of having his own barber shop.

Montrez Stone (MALE CO STAR): Any ethnicity, very attractive, and extremely successful. Montrez is married to a very submissive, loving woman who saved herself for him. He is deeply committed to his wife and ready to give her the one thing she has desired.

Jonica Stone (FEMALE SUPPORTING ROLE): An ethnicity. Married to Montrez Stone. She is a stay at home wife. Jonica handles everything at home. Montrez’s only job at home is to provide, love and PROTECT! Jonica struggles a lot with the loss of a close relative.

Richardson: (MALE SUPPORTING) Any ethnicity. A do it all guy for the businesses. Cleans, fixing things and most importantly makes sure clients have the extra accessories they ask for. Brings a comedic side without trying to.


Mother: Lines

Hospice Worker: Lines

Doctor: Lines

Sick Sister: Lines

Models (25-30 Needed): Improv. Models will play a critical part with runway walk. Will be asked to model a dress and swimsuit.

Public Citizens/On Lookers: Improv

Lawyer: Lines

Club Attendees: Improv

Little Girl (Age 6-8): Lines

Teenager (Age 13-15): Lines

2nd Mom: Lines

Stepdad: Lines

Prayer Warriors: Lines.

Baby: Natural baby mannerisms as he or she is being held.

Home Intruders (2 Needed): Lines

Young Male Recruiter: Lines

Therapist: Lines

Social Justice Protesters: Improv

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, GA
Please submit to: by 2020-09-04
Headshot and full body shot

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