Open Call in Detroit , Michigan for Urban Drama “My Connect”


My Connect

Location: Detroit , Michigan

Type: Film

Director Jason Kulayd Clayton who’s work has received two Emmy Nominations (2018) and The Producers of the “My Connect” Movie are searching for new talent to become a part of Inkster’s 1st full length Feature Film featuring Shoestring of Flint’s legendary rap group, The Dayton Family.

This Narrative film will address the mindset and conditions of the youth in the Infamous City of Inkster, Michigan. A Detroit suburb that is known for its high crime rate and frequent murders. My Connect will be a film that relates to the urban youth but it is also sure to send a direct message for change in the community.

Genre: Urban Drama Production Begins: July-August 2020 Film Location: Inkster, Michigan

Two slackers, Bryce and T made a wish that came true, but a dream quickly turned into a nightmare when a new connection they made turns out to give them more than what they bargained for. After his friend is murdered during a robbery, Bryce must figure out a new plan to escape the conditions of his neighborhood.
He quickly learns that trying new things can be good, but in Inkster, Michigan it could mean the difference between life and death.
Main Characters
1. Bryce – African American Male, age 20 – 25 – Funny guy yet serious.
2. T – African American Male, age 20 – 25 – Friend to Bryce. Slacker.
3. Robber #1 – African American Male, age 20 – 35 – Leader type. Uncaring.
4. Robber #2 – African American Male, age 20 – 35 – Cocky and Impulsive.
5. Rocky – African American Male, age 20 – 45 – Drug Dealer. Laid back attitude.
6. Big Chalo – African American Male, age 20 – 50 – Drug Dealer. Arrogant and Disrespectful.
7. Fix – African American Male, age 20 – 25 – A Drinker who is Rocky’s right hand man.
8. Meesha – African American Female, age 20 – 30 – Cold ,and inquisitive. Girl with the Robbers.
9. Rob – African American Male, age 20 – 30 – Bryce’s Co-Worker, Outgoing guy who is observant.
10. Mo Money –African American Male, age 20 -25 – Cool guy, thuggish, and funny.
11. Trina – African American Female, age 20 – 30 – Bryce’s Girlfriend. Beautiful and impatient.
12. Bryce’s Boss – Male (Race Open) , age 45- 65 – Stern and Serious.
13. Dealer Customers – (Race Open) Male and Female, age 21 – 60
14. Addict Customers – Male and Female, age 21 – 60
15. Exotic Dancers – (Race Open) Female, age 21 – 30
16. Gentleman’s Club Extras- (Race Open) Female, age 21 – 30
17. Barber Shop Extras – African American Male, age 13 – 45
18. Goons at The Connects Place – 3 African American Males, age 21 – 45
19. Females at The Connect #2’s Place – 3 Females (Race Open) age 21 – 35
20. The Preacher – African American Male – age 40-60 Religious. Holy Man.
21. Church Extras – Age and Race Open
22. Funeral Extras – Age and Race Open

Executive Produced by: Kulayd Entertainment in association with True II Life Entertainment Production By: World Fame-Us Hot Spot Entertainment Studios

* All roles are for copy and credit. NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

*No online submissions will be accepted at this time. You must audition in person.

*Script Sides and light refreshments will be provided to all talent.

OFFICIAL AUDITION DATE IS SATURDAY MARCH 14th, 2020 from 10am-8pm at Beverly and Fourth Event Hall 25472 Van Born Rd. in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Detroit , Michigan
Please submit to: Open call, see above by 2020-03-14

This casting notice was posted by: Kulayd Entertainment and True II Life Entertainment LLC

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