Theater Auditions for Wapunzel – A modern re-imagining of Rapunzel


Wapunzel – A modern re-imagining of Rapunzel

Location: nationwide

Type: Theater

WAPUNZEL, a beautiful woman who, at the mistake of her father, was taken by a witch at a young age and raised in a garage.
WITCH (DAME GOTHEL), a nasty witch who locks Wapunzel away in a little garage.
PRINCE, a lucious prince who comes to rescue Wapunzel from the wretched grips of the witch.


NARRATOR: Once upon a time there were a man and a woman who in vain wished for a child. They had a little window at the back of their house from which a splendid garden could be seen. This garden was full of the most beautiful flowers and herbs. This garden was surrounded by a high wall, and no one dared to go into it because it belonged to a wicked witch named Dame Gothel. One day the woman saw a plant called rampion, used to make salads.

WOMAN: My darling, I have a strong desire of a salad made from that plant.

MAN: What did you say?

WOMAN: I want to eat rampion!

MAN: The only way to get rampion is from the witch’s garden. And I’m not going there. That’s for sure!.

WOMAN: But darling, if I don’t eat it now, I know I will surely die.
MAN: Very well, my dear, if you want it you will have it.

NARRATOR: So the husband climbed the wall into the garden of the witch and started taking some rampion.

MAN: Rampion, rampion, this is for my darling wife.

NARRATOR: The man took the rampion and his wife made a salad of it and ate it.

WOMAN: It tastes so good!. But, I want more.

MAN: I’ll get you some more.

WOMAN: Just be careful. I hope the witch doesn’t see you.

NARRATOR: So her husband went once again to the garden.

MAN: Rampion, rampion, this is for my darling wife.
NARRATOR: When he had the rampion in his hands, he saw the terrible witch standing before him.

MAN: Oh, my dear lord!.

DAME GOTHEL: How do you dare, come into my garden and steal my rampion like a thief!. You will suffer for it!.

MAN: Oh, please forgive me!. My wife saw your rampion from the window, and she wanted it so bad that she would have died if she didn’t have some to eat.

DAME GOTHEL: If you´re telling me the truth, I will let you take as much rampion as you want, only I make one condition. You must give me the child which your wife will bring into the world. It shall be well treated, and I will care for it like a mother.

MAN: No!. I can’t do that!.

DAME GOTHEL: Then your wife and your baby will die tonight!.

MAN: No, please, don’t harm them. I promise I will give you my child.

DAME GOTHEL: Very good then. Get out of here and take as much rampion as you want!.

NARRATOR: When the baby was born, the witch appeared, gave the child the name of Wapunzel, and took it away with her.

DAME GOTHEL: Ha, ha, ha,ha.

NARRATOR: Wapunzel grew up to become a beautiful woman.
NARRATOR: Then one day, the witch shut her into a little garage underneath her estate. The garage had neither stairs nor door, but at the top was a small opening.

DAME GOTHEL: Wapunzel, Wapunzel, from the top, make it drop.

WAPUNZEL: Get your boots and your coat for this wet ass pussy.

NARRATOR: And just like that, the witch slides down into the little garage.
After a year or two, the king’s son was walking in the forest when he heard a song, which was so charming that he stood still and listened.

WAPUNZEL: (WAP lyrics of your choosing)

PRINCE: Oh, what a beautiful song!. Who is singing so lovely?.

NARRATOR: The lovely voice came from Wapunzel´s little garage. The king’s son walked to her and looked for the stairs, but none were to be found.

PRINCE: Now what shall I do?. There´s no way of getting down. There are no stairs.

NARRATOR: He went back home, but the singing had touched his heart, that every day he went out into the forest and listened to it. One day he was standing behind a tree, when he saw the witch coming, and he heard what she said.

DAME GOTHEL: Wapunzel, Wapunzel, from the top, make it drop.

NARRATOR: Then Wapunzel made it drop, from the top. And the witch slid down her wet ass pussy.

PRINCE: So that’s the way I can get into the little garage. I will do the same thing.

NARRATOR: Next day, when it began to grow dark, he went to the little garage.

PRINCE: Wapunzel, Wapunzel, from the top, make it drop.

NARRATOR: Immediately, the king’s son slid down into the little garage. Wapuzel was surprised to see him.

WAPUNZEL: Oh, who are you?.

PRINCE: Darling, my heart is yours. I’ve never met a certified freak, 7 days a week. With a wet ass pussy, who makes that pull out game weak. Will you marry me?. Will you be my wife and live with me in my kingdom?.

WAPUNZEL: Look, I need a hard hitter, I need a deep stroker. I need a Henny drinker, I need a weed smoker. Not a garden snake, I need a king cobra. With a hook in it, hope it lean over.

PRINCE: Then it is settled. We’ll get married right away.

WAPUNZEL: You have to go now. Quick jump out ‘fore you let it get inside of me. The witch will come soon. She’s a freak bitch, handcuffs, leashes.

PRINCE: Yes, but don´t worry Wapunzel, I’ll think of something.

NARRATOR: When the king’s son was on his way, the witch had already appeared, and said,

DAME GOTHEL: You have come to take Wapunzel. Now make it rain if you wanna
See some wet ass pussy. muah ha,ha,ha,ha. Give me everything you’ve got for this wet ass pussy. Muah ha ha.

NARRATOR: WAP, WAP, WAP, The witch cast a spell that blinded the prince. He wandered in the woods with nothing to show for. Not even a kegel while it’s inside. Meanwhile, in the little garage…

DAME GOTHEL: Ah, you freak bitch!. I thought I separated you from the world, and yet you have deceived me, No more Wap Wap Wap. No more macaroni in a pot!

NARRATOR: In her anger, the witch dried up Wapunzel’s wet ass pussy like a piece of domino’s pizza that sat out overnight. She took her into a desert where she had to live in great grief and misery. Meanwhile, the prince roamed for two years, and finally, he got to the desert where Wapunzel lived.

PRINCE: That voice that I hear seems so familiar to me.

NARRATOR: He went towards it, and when he approached, Wapunzel said,

WAPUNZEL: Oh prince, I missed you so much!. I am so happy to see you. Spit in my mouth, look in my eyes. This pussy is wet, come take a dive. Tie me up like I’m surprised. Let’s role play, I’ll wear a disguise

NARRATOR: Two of her tears wetted his eyes and they grew clear again, and he could see with them as before.

PRINCE: I can see again!. Oh my sweet Wapunzel, what have they done to us. Let’s now go to my kingdom.

NARRATOR: He took her to his kingdom where they were joyfully received, and they lived happily ever after.


Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: nationwide
Please submit to: by 2020-09-20
Los Angeles Mobile Theatre Troupe is seeking actors of all races, creeds, and religions for our Remote Production of Wapunzel, A modern reimagining of the acclaimed classic, Rapunzel. If interested, send a 1-2 minute video audition of a dramatic monologue of your choice from the script below. A video audition is the only way you will be considered for a part in this show. The deadline for auditions is September 17 at midnight.

This casting notice was posted by: Los Angeles Mobile Theatre Troupe

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