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A World Apart

Location: Southern Ontario (Niagara Region) – Canada

Type: Theater

Seeking a concept cast for a new stage musical “A World Apart,”.

Concept cast will be involved in the music writing process by testing various songs for that character. They will then provide the voice of that character on the concept cast CD, with the option to debut the role live.

There will be two separate productions. One in the Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada. The other will be in Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

The show follows two princes and their friends as they deal with Classism, Love, and family in the fictional kingdom of Elgin.

Note: This is a show still in development and many elements can still be changed.

Development from Aug.-Sept. (mostly online); Concept Cast CD recording in Oct. (in Niagara Falls area). Show rehearsals in Niagara Falls Area (1-2 times a week) during 2021 (undetermined dates). Show debut 2021 (undetermined dates).

Payment TBD, will be made after the debut of the show. Actors will be given an equity amount from the net profits of the production.

If selected for an audition, you will be given a list of songs to chose from and record one of them. You’ll also need to chose a monologue from 1 – 2 minutes in length (Dramatic or Comedic – any era). More details will be in the audition email.

Andrew Dominick – Casting Dr.

Roles we’re casting:
Henry (Bari-Tenor) (Lead): Male, 18-25
Adopted son of King Lewis, and blood son of Aamon. The Adopted brother of John. In-love with Sarah. He’s scared about taking the throne because the citizens of Elgin resent him for his origin (which he doesn’t know about). Extremely Naïve about the class distribution and grew up learning that the Kingdom must remain rich.

John (Baritone) (Lead): Male, 18-24
The son of King Lewis and Henry’s brother. Being the youngest son, he has always seen his brother getting everything he ever wanted: the throne, Sarah’s love and his father’s respect. This drives John to evil and to form allegiance with Aamon. After all of this, deep down, he has always just wanted to be loved and respected.

Sarah (Soprano) (Lead): Female, 18-25
Adopted daughter of Meredith, brother of Thomas and lives in the Emilay’s. Sarah always felt like an outcast, due to her birth defect. She instantly falls in-love with Henry, it is also touched upon that she also had feeling for John. She only wants her family to be together and dreams of a day when the division of wealth and power in her world comes to an end.

Erin (Mezzo): Female, 18-23
Daughter of Anne and a housekeeper in the castle. Roxie is best friends with John and Henry. She suffers from low self-confidence, despite falling instantly in-love with Thomas, she feels she is not good enough for him. She wants nothing to do with the Kingdom and its politics.

Thomas (Bass-Baritone) (Lead): Male, 18-26
Adopted son of Marilyn and Sarah’s brother. Thomas is very shy and doesn’t know how to talk to women, he also has a slight fear of commitment. He only wants his family to be together and does not believe in violence and never supported a revolution against the Kingdom. He instantly has an attraction for Erin and with the help of Meredith manages to build their connection.

Aamon (Bass) (Supporting): Male, 30-50
King Lewis’s younger brother and the true antagonist in the show. Jealous of his older brother and wants nothing more than to see Elgin crumble to the ground. Does not believe in love. Despite being Henry’s father, he sees potential in John and corrupts him into executing his vision. Very menacing and cunning.

King Lewis (Bass-Baritone) (Supporting): Male, 30-50
The King of Elgin. He is the Blood father of John, adopted father of Henry, older brother of Aamon and widow of Queen Edith. Banishes the revolution supporters to the Emilay’s and keeps them poor, to make sure his Kingdom remains wealthy. Resents John, believing he is to blame for the death of the Queen and favors Henry.

Meredith (Alto or Mezzo) (Supporting): Female, 30-50
A big personality, yet warm and caring. Believes heavily in family and dreams one day the two worlds will become one. Once loved Aamon (could be Henry’s mother, never officially revealed). Helps her children in finding love. She is in-charge of the Emilay’s. Adopted mother of Thomas and Sarah, but also sees John, Henry and Roxie as her children. Can double.

Queen Edith (Mezzo) (Featured): Female, 25-40
Mother of John and wife of King Lewis. Loves her son extremely and sees him as a gift. Only a character in a flashback. Before she dies, she tells her husband to not think indifferent of Henry because of Henry’s father. Can double.

Narrator (Non-singing) (Supporting): All Genders, 20-60
The storyteller in the musical. Does not have a bias towards the two lands. Helps the audience understand the changes that occur through the show and Plays minor roles that pop-up in the show. Can double.

Anne (Non-Singing) (Chorus / Ensemble): Female, 25-45
Erin’s mother and housekeeper of the castle. Wants nothing but the best for her daughter and is in decisive about a revolution. Does anything the King asks. Can double.

Ensemble (Chorus / Ensemble): All Genders, 12-60
Play as part of the ensemble throughout the show. Seeking all age groups. Possibility to have lines and or solo-sing options. Chorus groups include: Royal Guards, Emilay’s citizens, Castle folk, Henchmen, Elgin Citizens.
Should have a decent level of dance ability and stage-combat ability.

Thank you!

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Southern Ontario (Niagara Region)
Please submit to: by 2020-07-15
Submit Headshot and Acting CV or Resume. (You’ll then be notified if selected for a virtual audition)

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