Actor in Boston for Indie Short


Another Karamazov

Location: Boston, MA

Type: Film

NEEDED: Multiracial Actor who reads as 17-20yo male. $75 for one 3-hour day, meals and ferry reimbursement provided. Shooting on Martha’s Vineyard the week of Feb. 1-6, Ideally looking for actors who are local to the island, but ferry reimbursement is also available. Local transportation on island to set provided.

For this role we’re ideally looking for someone to read as a 17 year old. This role does not have dialogue but is the vital last moment of the film that has a mixture of hope and foreboding that the cycle of trauma could start again or finally be over. Tell us a real story from your life or a prepared monologue of 1-2min (longer is fine, but unnecessary), just want to see how you currently look for age and get a natural sense of you on camera.
Please use or imagine someone off camera that you are telling this story to, but place them just a few inches to the right or left so we get a clear view of your face. Frame for a mid chest to head shot. Slate your name and height in a 3/4 length shot.
Please submit ASAP.

Thanks for your submission!

Casting “Another Karamazov,” a feature-length film.
Synopsis: Three estranged siblings return to their terrible father’s house as he is dying to settle the eldest son’s desperate claim to receive his inheritance early. The story is told from the point of view of the father’s caretaker, Liz, who is mixed-race and also his illegitimate daughter whom he has never acknowledged, it is not clear whether the other siblings know of her. From the beginning Liz tells us that the father will be murdered. Part murder mystery, part suspense drama. Adapted from stage.

COVID safe set, full COVID safe protocols will be strictly followed.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Boston, MA
Please submit to:
Please submit a headshot, resume, and a self-tape with a 1-2min monologue or real life story.

This casting notice was posted by: Rafael Jordan, Producer

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