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The Mystic Alignment

Location: nationwide

Type: TV Pilots

‘The Mystic Alignment’ Open Casting Announcement

The Mystic Alignment is a thrilling, coming of age, LGBT friendly TV show that follows a small, quiet town on the crisp of a hidden war. Tristian Underwood, who is new to Graymist Falls, has to learn all about this whole new world that he was thrown into while facing his own inner demons.

In response to LGBT actors and actresses, we ask that you audition for whichever role you identify with. Biological gender will have no impact on our casting decisions. We do, however, have to ask for preferred pronouns.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to email me at

Tristan- Late teen-Early 20’s. Shy and introverted young male. Often keeps his head down to stay out of sight. Usually wears a dark hoodie and jeans.

Kai- Late teen-Early 20’s. Dark and brooding, jock type male. Has a lot of issues trusting those around him. Very guarded and only shows a soft side to his younger sister.

Nyssa- Late teen-Early 20’s. Very trusting and wide eyed young female. Very innocent and caring towards those around her. Soft spoken and gentle.

Clara- Late teen-Early 20’s. Skateboarder who generally wears a large pair of headphones. Starts out semi shy, but opens up quickly.

Maverick- Late teen-Early 20’s. A very sassy young male who tends to put himself in front of his group of friends as their protector.

Desmond- Late 20’s-Early 30’s. Has an old soul. Cares more about those around him, than for his own life.

Arilya Mae- Late teen-Early 20’s. Warrior like personality. Fights for what she believes in and doesn’t accept failure.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: nationwide
Please submit to:
Please submit a headshot, resume and video reel. If not all materials are all available, that is fine as we are willing to cast those without experience should they fit the part

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