Actors in Belfast, Northern Ireland for Student Film

Quarter-Life Crisis (Working Title)

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Type: Student Films

Quarter-Life Crisis (Working Title)


Genre: Comedy/Drama

After a three-day bender, a girl wakes up on her campus with no recollection of how she got there. As the last day of uni fast approaches, she must confront her anxieties with the help of a religiously-strict volunteer…

Emily Anderson (age range 21-25) –

A soon-to-be-graduate, scared of what the future has in stall for her. Free-spirited and far too carefree for her own good. Emily is as brutally honest as she is cold but means well at the best of times. Hailing from an extremely religious background, her constant desire to rebel against her overbearing parents defines her every action. Emily’s life of debauchery, drinking and drug abuse is about to catch upon her as she is forced to confront her true regrets. With the end of university looming over her, she soon contemplates the horrors that await her post-university.

Mary McCarthy (age range 21-25) –

A psychology student who volunteers at a strict, Christian rehab centre. Mary is also somewhat scared of what lies ahead in her future. Often coming across as caring, career-focused and downright naïve when it comes to the harsh realities of life. However, Mary can come across as condescending and conceited in her approach to helping others. As a result of her very strict and laborious religious beliefs, she has never touched a sip of alcohol or partied nearly half as hard as any of her fellow students. As the last day of university quickly approaches, Mary begins to contemplate whether or not she too has wasted the past three years with all work and no play defining her studying experience.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Please submit to: by 2021-08-10
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