Actors in Northridge / Los Angeles Area for Student Film


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Type: Student Films

This short film will be a 5 min short, based on a Veteran who wakes up after having a suicidal nightmare. They realize it’s the anniversary of their friend’s death (who was also a veteran) and decide to revisit their grave. However, this takes a big toll on him, making him feel numb/built with anxiety. It isn’t until he meets an old man at the park that wakes up the veteran in a positive manner.


[“the old man”] [Male] [Ages: 35-40]

After revisiting the grave of a dead friend/veteran, the Veteran (the protagonist) is having a rough time and begins to ignore the people around them. Small things like others arguing trigger their anxiety. However, as they take a walk to the park they are confronted by an old man feeding the ducks. The old man notices the veteran and asks if he’s okay. He’s considerate and respectful.

[“the couple”] [Ages: 19-23]

We will need two actors for this scene.
The couple will be having an argument outside a liquor

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA
Please submit to: by 2021-04-04
E-mail for information about the story/script, headshot would be appreciated

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