Auditions in Charlotte, NC for Supernatural Indie Film



Location: Charlotte, NC

Type: Film

Felicity is a supernatural drama mystery about a young man (Landon) who must discover and overcome personal conflicts invading his life in order to move forward. This film explores the notions of how one small detail can redefine an entire future.


[Landon] [White Caucasian][Male][Ages: 26-31]
Landon is the titular character of the film. Landon carries the heavy burden of guilt for the death of his wife. Landon hides the pain really well though, by displaying a calm and collected personality. Landon is recovering from a car accident, he is reserved around strangers, but outgoing with family. Landon is considerate and respectful, thus enabling him to change the subject if delicate conversations arise.

[Madison] [White Caucasian Female][Ages: 27-33]
Madison is sweet, kind, cheerful and caring. She is the glue that keeps the family together and always likes to keep the peace. Madison values family and worries extensively about her brothers, Landon and Brayden of their well being and their choices. She is essentially the cautious mother type persona despite not having children of her own. Even though she has a kind hearted personality, Madison will take matters into her own hands if pushed to the limit.

[Brayden] [White Caucasian[Male] [Ages: 24-30}
Brayden is an athletic, good looking model down on his luck, this is due to his own selfishness and inconsiderate behavior. Brayden has been spoiled since he was a kid and believes that the world revolves around him. He takes advantage of other’s generosity and ends up burning bridges because of it. Even though he gives off this tough guy appeal, Brayden is scared of life altering experiences and cowards down due to never having to experience them in his upbringing.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Charlotte, NC
Please submit to: by 2021-04-05
Submit headshot, resume and reel if available.

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