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By | September 7, 2021

The Long Con

Location: Highland Park, Dallas, TX

Type: Film

“The Long Con” follows a demon seeking revenge for her death against her husband. The demon’s plan is tested when her equal opposite, an angel, shows up and causes the demon to think about her motivations.

This is a Southern Methodist University student film project to be shot on campus in Dallas, TX. It is written and directed by Lexie Shamir, a junior pursuing a Film and Media Arts B.F.A.


Female, college-aged, caucasian. Freya is a grungy demon who took her life back in the 1950s because she did not want to be a housewife. She has a nihilistic view of life, and “lives” carefreely, using her powers for fun. She is overconfident to compensate for her hidden emotions and hesitancy towards wanting to murder her husband.

Male, college-aged, caucasian. Gabe is an optimistic angel who was killed back in the 1920s for being a “misfit.” He is on campus because he is interested in Freya, the demon, with which angels do not affiliate, and her desire to kill someone still living. He wants to talk her through it and is not threatened by her at all, for he has powers too.

Male, age range of 60-80, caucasian. Tom, a well-revered physics professor, has lived his life since his wife Freya’s death helping students get the opportunities he failed to give Freya in an attempt to do right by her. He blames himself for her death.

Disguised Freya:
Female, college-aged, any ethnicity. Freya, when sitting in her husband’s class, is able to disguise herself as anyone she wants to keep her true identity under wraps.

Anticipated Shooting Dates: Early October over a few days/evenings
Location: SMU Campus
Non-union, unpaid
Video auditions only. Please submit by 09/22/21 to

Questions? Feel free to email

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Highland Park, Dallas, TX
Please submit to: by 2021-09-22
Send in your resume, headshot, and a request for the part you’d like to audition for so I may send you the section of the script for that character to be read in a submitted video audition.

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