Auditions for Roles in a TV Pilot in Aspatria, Cumbria UK


Echo Kyriakos

Location: Aspatria, Cumbria

Type: TV Pilots

I developed a series set in coastal England about a ballerina who discovers she isn’t fully human.

Olivia is 13 and from Aspatria, Cumbria and when her cousin visits from Athens, her life is turned into chaos and she doesn’t need a distraction from a dance recital, school is the distraction to everything.

1 day her Greek cousin is out swimming and loses the bangle on her wrist that keeps her fully human, within seconds Echo has lost her legs grown a tail and starts to unleash very out of control dark magic.

Her younger dancer cousin Olivia takes longer to know what she really is but it all comes to light when she wakes up 1 morning and gets a tingling in her back and before long some beautiful wings start to grow, she learns she’s not fully human when her grandmother realizes she’s a fairy hybrid like she use to be

This is just the start of the chaos as both have to handle school without being considered as freaks, not like the diva ballerina considers needing education when there’s dance but she must keep up with her popularity.

Roles are as follows


a 13 year old girl from Aspatria, Cumbria, whose kind of a rebel, her parents are in the process of divorce so of course that’s really difficult for her. The is a very talented ballerina and vows that her future is in dance, she isn’t fully human, she’s fairy hybrid as well which she has yet to discover but it certainly will come to her advantage. Her blonde curls are very light in shade, they drop to her knees, hair is devote of many ribbons, her eyes are the most prettiest sky blue. Looks so beautiful but are accepting redheads, brunettes any or no hair as role will probably see actor wigged and contact lenses, actress can be up to a decade younger as many young adults can play teenagers and it’s ballet ability that matters,


ECHO KYRIAKOS is the title character, a mysterious girl with a secret. She is 15 with dark hair and brown eyes and visits from Athens in Greece, she’s really academically gifted but 3 years ago she was cursed and the only way to prevent it is to wear a bangle on her wrist. It controls the dark magic she possesses and when she loses it the powers she can’t handle and when she hits the water her legs disappears and in seconds is replaced by a tail.


DAVID MUNROE is the father of Olivia, a recently single father who is dark haired and aged in his early 40’s, he’s a graduate of Leicester university which is where he met his former wife. Thinking quite short hair, very kind gentleman unsure how to keep his daughter intact while he’s filling for divorce


RACHEL MUNROE is the mother of Olivia, a surgeon at the local hospital and the reason her daughter comes across as almost upper class, she is at the top of her forks and drives a very fancy car, she met David many years ago, she’s in her late 30’s, hair would be quite long and colour would be natural but could be anything. Probably would follow a look similar to her slightly quirky daughter

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Aspatria, Cumbria
Please submit to: by 2021-03-17
Headshot and resume if possible

This casting notice was posted by: Daniel Staley-Myers

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