Auditions in Cedar City, Utah for Student Film Project

By | December 13, 2021

The Captain’s Squire

Location: Cedar City, Utah

Type: Student Films

Miles Radcliffe, a serious and grief-stricken knight, is assigned a new squire, Arnold Garfinkel, an upbeat and joyful half-elf–much to Miles’ chagrin. When their kingdom goes under attack by a neighboring city, Miles and Arnold must put aside their differences and learn to cooperate for the greater good.

Main Roles

Miles Radcliffe
(Height Range: 5’10-6’3; Age Range: 30-40 years old)
Miles Radcliffe is the captain of Rindlocke’s knights, haunted by the tragic killing of his wife and son. He is rather serious and cold towards most people, though he sees his cynical attitude as maintaining a “realistic outlook on life”.

Body Type: Athletic | Hair Color: Black, Brown | Ethnicity: Caucasian, Ethnically Ambiguous

Arnold Garfinkel
(Height Range: 4’10-5’5; Age Range: 25-30 years old)
Arnold Garfinkel is a half-elf, assigned to be Miles’ new squire by the king of Rindlocke. While he only knows bits and pieces of what happened to Miles’ family, he’s enthusiastic about helping him learn to cope, even if he does come off as overly positive, and loud.

Body Type: Heavyset/Stocky | Hair Color: Brown, Auburn | Ethnicity: Caucasian, Ethnically Ambiguous

The King
(Height Range: 5’7-6’0; Age Range: 50-65 years old)
The King rules over the kingdom of Rindlocke, and is responsible for pairing Miles and Arnold together as knight and squire. Even if things start off rocky, the king only has Miles’ well-being in mind. After all, he can’t allow his best knight to waste away being miserable.

Body Type: Any | Hair Color: Black, brown | Ethnicity: Black/African Descent

Speaking Extra Roles
(1-2 Lines Each)

(Height Range: Any; Age Range: 25-50 years old)
The man is responsible for killing Miles’ wife and son. He is featured at the very beginning of the film, begging for his life and trying to escape Miles’ revenge.

Body Type: Any | Hair Color: Any | Ethnicity: Any

Servant #1
(Height Range: Any; Age Range: 18-40 years old)
A servant to the king of Rindlocke.

Body Type: Any | Hair Color: Any | Ethnicity: Any

Servant #2
(Height Range: Any; Age Range: 18-40 years old)
A second servant to the king of Rindlocke.

Body Type: Any | Hair Color: Any | Ethnicity: Any

(Height Range: Any; Age Range: 18-50 years old)
An enemy of the city of Avidan that taunts Miles as they prepare to kill him.

Body Type: Any | Hair Color: Any | Ethnicity: Any

Non-Speaking Extra Roles
(No specific age/height ranges, ethnicities, hair colors, or body types needed)

Rubyanne Radcliffe
Miles’ deceased wife. Her appearance on-screen is very brief.

Emile Radcliffe
Miles’ deceased son. His appearance on-screen is very brief.

Ensemble Enemies
An ensemble of 10+ enemies that attack the king’s castle towards the end of the film.

Miles/The King’s Audition Lines:

Arnold’s Audition Lines:

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Cedar City, Utah
Please submit to:

1. Please submit a headshot and a resume with your experience. (If you are a first time actor without experience, there is no need to include a resume). 2. Below are a couple scenes to choose from for your audition. If you are auditioning for any of the three main roles, please choose the scene picked for that role. If you are auditioning for an extra role, you may choose from any three to read from. 3. At the beginning of your audition video, please state your full name, age, height, and the role you are auditioning for, followed by reading the lines for that role (have a second person recite the other role’s lines off-screen. You do not need to read the action lines, just focus on the dialogue.) Be sure to film your audition in a well-lit space. Record yourself full-body as you audition. (Memorizing the lines is not necessary, just make sure we can see your face). 4. Below with the scenes is a form that you must have filled out for your submission to be counted. 5. We will announce the cast on December 15th, 2021, followed by a mandatory cold reading rehearsal on December 16th, the following day. Audition Form:

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